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Mack's Monday Presser: Kansas is not our friend

Mack will be talking. We will be judging.

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Mack's Monday press conference commences at 11:00 AM. Tune in here.

We'll be liveblogging what is sure to be another classic Mack Brown condescendathon. Expect a heaping helping of meaningless statistics (explosive plays, holla!), absurd individual awards (the "Tyson King Best of a Bad Situation Award" goes to...), accolades for our punt team, out-of-context DKR quotations, an update on the national plague of poor tackling, and softball questions from the lickspittle Austin media.

When listening to Mack, please remember that you are not family. You are not friends. You are not even acquaintances, buddies, chums, colleagues, or pals. But you are human beings with feelings and aspirations just like everyone else, and YOU DEMAND TO BE HEARD. So, fire away. We're listening.