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. . . And Why We Won't.

FACT: you still need to field at least two linebackers in run situations. FACT: We do not have two good linebackers. Kindle shows promise but looks drunk when he tries to read a play and make a tackle. His DWI was a result of getting pulled over in 7 on 7 when he could not pass the sobriety test of defending an out route. Rashad Bobino might tie your shoelaces together in the scrum (he's short! Hilarious), but he isn't shedding a blocker to get there. Bobino takes his own pace, OK? Derry is a coach on the field and runs great routes. Killebrew is decent but you'll see him pull out a gat like The Last Boy Scout before you see him put a complete game up. Muckleroy and Norton are good, but will they play? Muck will, but Mack seems to want to hold Norton back, probably out of fear for opposing runners. He wants playing us to be a neat experience, just so neat for the kids, clap clap clap. Suck it up, tell Bobino to sit his ass next to the water cooler (similar frames and effectiveness defending seam routes) and let Norton learn on the job.

FACT: Good passing teams have good pass protection. Will we? Ulatoski and Hills both had lapses last year. Almost every missed block or successful pass rush was their fault. Dockery going down forced Blalock inside, and we strugged on the edges. Blalock is a Falcon now and presumably fighting dogs (sorry, "dawgs") with Vick in the ATL. Ulatoski and Hills will still be here, much to the dismay of Colt McCoy. And replacing the best interior OL we've ever had will be 3 OL all weighing in at a mighty 260. They're scrappers dammit! Size don't matter! Whatever. Hall and Tanner, at last check, were getting abused by Thomas Marshall. Scrappers!

FACT: Greg Davis is our coordinator. Moving on.

FACT: You need a secondary to stop the pass. We'll we have one, sort of. The only one who won't be a freshman or sophomore is a former walkon and 5th year senior with no starts to his name. Not confidence inspiring. Plus our DC was on the ass end of a season long beat down given to his unit (disgusting imagery +1). Are our freshman better than the three guys just drafted into the NFL? Maybe one day, but not now. Beasley's played but he stunk last year. Foster, too. Everyone else is a freshman or sucks. Tech, OSU, Baylor, NU, all passing teams.

9 wins at best.