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Todd McNair doesn't just hate Huskies.

Todd McNair, USC's running backs coach, was twice convicted of mistreating dogs in the '90s. McNair was never convicted of dog fighting, but he was convicted of cruelty to animals, neglect and oversigning at one position.

"I really don't want to comment on something 14 years ago, and especially something I was cleared for," McNair said Tuesday night. "Now watch this drive."

The reports resurfaced again on the website after UCLA WRs coach Eric Scott broke into their office and posted it on their site.

The Philadelphia Daily News reported that McNair was charged with various offenses on March 30, 1996, after officers found around 22 pitbulls on his property in New Jersey. Several of the dogs were scarred and wounded, and one had a broken leg. Two later transferred.

Authorities believed that McNair was training the dogs to fight, but they couldn't prove it. They later went to work for the NCAA.

McNair did end up paying $25,000 in fines and performing 8 hours of community service which he fulfilled by being a member of team coached in the postseason by Marty Schottenheimer.