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Todd Dodge likes black people

A couple of defensive backs at North Texas have filed a complaint with the NAACP against head coach Todd Dodge.

Junior cornerback Dominique Green says he was suspended for saying 'We are from the hood' during a sideline incident with a coach during last week's game. Green is from Lawton, Oklahoma which may or may not be the hood. I don't know. What I do know is that white people have names like Lenny, and black people have names like Carl.

Dodge says there was more to it than that.

"Foul language was being used on the sideline that was redirected by a coach," Dodge said. "He was insubordinate when he was being redirected. I can promise you that 'hood' was not the only word that was used. I don't have any problem with that word."

Responded Green, "First of all, you're throwing too many big words at me. Okay, now because I don't understand them, I'm gonna take them as disrespect. Watch your mouth and help me with the complaint."

UNT athletic director Rick Villarreal says he will get to the bottom of it. And because he's neither black nor white, he's considered an honest broker.

People who have worked with Dodge have come to his defense. Dodge's former athletic director at Southlake Carroll, Ronnie Tipps, said Dodge never had problems with either of the two minority athletes at the school during his tenure.