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Hawaii controls the college football universe

When both Michigan and Appalachian St turned down offers to play Hawaii this year, they set in motion events that resulted in the greatest upset in college football history. Or something.

Turns out both teams were scared to play Hawaii if you believe Hawaii AD Herman Frazier. And why were they scared to play Hawaii? June Jones. No, not the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. J-u-n-e. He supped at the table of Mouse Davis, architect of the vaunted Run & Shoot. Yes, I know that no one runs that offense anymore, but that's because coaches are scared of it. So the American Football Coaches Association has exiled him. It's just like when the Catholic Church persecuted Galileo. Just like that. Except that June Jones is more important than Galileo.

'That's 8-5 in your future, kid.'

Frazier said in his opinion a loss to UH, "would have been accepted by their (Michigan's) fans losing to a 23rd-ranked team easier than it would have been to a Football Championship Subdivision (formerly I-AA) Appalachian State in the long run."

You'd be surprised at what Michigan fans will accept under Lloyd Carr. But you know what? They wouldn't have to accept losing if they hired June Jones. Because June Jones doesn't lose games. June Jones is a winner.

Michigan paid Appalachian St $400,000 to play in Ann Arbor, but they offered Hawaii $600,000 according to Frazier. But perhaps there is a method to Michigan's madness. By losing to a I-AA team for $200,000 less, they moved one step closer to removing Carr and saved themselves some money for a new coach's contract.

And you know who they could get for $200,000?

That's right.

June Jones.