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Aggies show Tech that they can also make lame t-shirts

The Texas A&M-Texas Tech game this weekend just keeps getting more interesting. When some Tech fans created a t-shirt making fun of the Aggie mascot, Reveille, you just knew that the Aggies would respond.

Normally Aggies respond with either physical violence or moral outrage. But those crafty Red Raiders are strong, and they have no morals. So the Aggies decided to fight fire with fire and made their own lame ass t-shirt.

The front of the shirt says 'Sick 'Em,' and on the back it says 'Tortilla Tech: Home of the Classless Clowns.' Wow.

The shirt was created by a store called Inspirations at Post Oak Mall in Bryan or College Station or whatever. And clearly they were inspired when they came up with the shirt. The store and its sister store, Aggieland Outfitters, are 'known for comedic shirts that lambast their rivals...' Indeed.

"We were really upset with how they depicted Reveille on a noose, so we are asking her to do what we think is what she needs to do, and that's sick'em," said Macie Ford, the manager at Inspirations.

Hopefully this time they'll teach her not to 'sick' fellow Aggies.