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Auston English needs to become comfortably numb

Bob Stoops is a hardass. I think he played his senior season in high school with two broken legs and a sucking chest wound. Granted he couldn't move and pretty much just bled all over the field, but he wasn't a pussy. And Jefferson said that the football field of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of the Stoops brothers.

'This Stoops kid isn't biting on play action.'

That philosophy has carried over to Stoops' coaching career. Injuries are just something you play through.

So the latest injury is Auston English's broken foot. He sat out the Baylor game last week, and doctors inserted a metal rod into his foot this week to stabilize it.

Sounds like he's done for the year.

"It sounds like it means he's done for the year," Stoops said. "But that's not the case."


"It's one of those comfort things. It's literally day to day on how he feels."


"The biggest thing for Auston is comfort," defensive ends coach Chris Wilson said. "If his comfort level is good he can play Saturday."


It's a comfort thing for Jax.