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Reunited And It Feels So Good

brent venables vulnerablesMike Stoops! What are you doing here?

mike stoopsBrent!!! Ummm, nuffim.

brent venables vulnerablesNuffim, eh? Why are you sitting at my desk? Watching A&M film. Eating my Red Vines

mike stoopsI love football!

brent venables vulnerables???

mike stoops!!!

brent venables vulnerables...

bob stoopsVenables?

mike stoopsBob!

bob stoopsMike?

brent venables vulnerablesShouldn't Mike be in Tucson? I want answers!

bob stoopsI thought you were recruiting heh heh.

brent venables vulnerablesI came back to grab a snuff film and some cocaine for the dropoff in Ponca City. And to feed Bing Bong, the tethered Laotian prostitute that we keep in the weight room crawlspace. We're an outlaw program you know. These are the sorts of things we routinely do

bob stoopsSooooocongrats! We wish you all of the success in the world! Mike, please see to the care of Bing Bong

mike stoopsHUZZA! Please accept this commemorative balloon animal

brent venables vulnerablesWhat?

bob stoopsKansas State, Brent. Prince is out

brent venables vulnerablesSo?

bob stoopsThe job is yours. YEA, BRENT VENABLES! YEA


brent venables vulnerablesCoach, I'm not interested - it's a terrible job

bob stoopsHmmm

brent venables vulnerablesSo, I had some ideas for the Aggie game that we might come out dime package but with...

bob stoopsBrent, we're going to miss you, buddy. Hurrah for Brent!

mike stoopsHoo-ray! Hoo-ray!

brent venables vulnerablesboth extra defensive backs up on the line of scrimmage to discourage the run game. Then we'd...

bob stoopsOur game in 2009 will be a war!

mike stoopsYour name shall be written in stone, sir!

brent venables vulnerablesplay some alignment games with their young OL and see if we can't...

bob stoopsWe'll have a hell of a party to say goodbye. Streamers. Cake! Chinese paper lanterns...

mike stoopsWhere do you keep your recruiting roladex, Venmeister?

brent venables vulnerablesStop it. Just stop it. I'm holding out for a better gig. Like you did, Bob

mike stoopsHuh?

bob stoopsSay what?

brent venables vulnerablesAuburn, Michigan, Tennessee...

bob stoopsHAHAHA

mike stoopsHARR HARR HARR

brent venables vulnerablesmaybe Clemson...

mike stoopsHAHAHAHA


brent venables vulnerablesYou're both soooo mean when you're together

mike stoopsWhat about the Dallas Cowboys job, Venables?

brent venables vulnerablesDo you think I have a shot?

bob stoopsHAHAHA

mike stoopsHOO HOO I SAY, HOO HOO

bob stoopsWhy don't you apply for UN Secretary General?

brent venables vulnerablesWhere are the pictures of my kids? My Princess Diana ceramics? My signed Bill Snyder "Winning The Moray Eel Way" biography...

bob stoopsWe boxed it all up. It's waiting for you in Manhattan

brent venables vulnerablesNoooooooooo! Look, I did talk to my agent about the KSU job. They're not interested in me, even though I'm a KSU graduate ***degree not credited in all states - consult your diploma for details***

bob stoopsSure they are! They just don't know you. Get down there and interview right now. Here's a bus ticket, a sandwich, and a thermos full of Tang

mike stoopsMade the sandwich myself. The aioli will be pleasing to you

bob stoopsMike, staple the ticket to the outside of his jacket so he can't lose it

brent venables vulnerablesA bus? I have a car

bob stoopsWell, technically, that's the athletic department's car. Josh Jarboe took the monster truck and now without Truckasaurus, we need your IROC

brent venables vulnerablesCoach, what is this? Are you firing me?

bob stoopsFiring! Ha ha. Firing. Ha ha. Oh, Brent. Ha ha. No. I'm promoting you. Promoting you to a job over which I have no hiring authority. Now, scoot. Time to embrace a glorious new life

brent venables vulnerablesSo, that's it then. It's you and Mike. Just like it always was. You never let me be DC by myself. There always had to be someone else. Standing between us.

mike stoopsVenables, I am not saying that you are gay however your actions and atttitudes are quite gay-ish

bob stoops...

mike stoops...

brent venables vulnerablesYou were always thinking about Mike, weren't you?

bob stoopsmaybe

brent venables vulnerablesWEREN'T YOU?

bob stoopsoh, I dunno

brent venables vulnerablesWhen we were breaking down film together?

bob stoopsyes

brent venables vulnerablesWhen we'd do Mack Brown imitations together during Big 12 conference calls?

bob stoopsYes

brent venables vulnerablesWhen we'd huddle around Adrian Peterson and inject him with horse tranqs?

bob stoopsYES!

brent venables vulnerablesWhen...when...when. (sobbing) when I won you the bear at the milk bottle toss at the State Fair right after we blew out Texas in '03?

bob stoopsYES. Is that what you want to hear? YES. To all of it. It was always Mike. Always

brent venables vulnerablesWe dressed (sob) that (sob) little bear in a Dusty Dvoracek jersey (sob) and it had a little toothpick bat (sob)

mike stoopsI'm going to wear your headset

brent venables vulnerablesHussy!

bob stoopsAs much as he likes

brent venables vulnerablesYou're a cold man, Bob Stoops. Damn you and your intensely appealing badassed macho swagger of certainty. I HateLove you