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Texas vs Arizona State liveblog

Kickoff is less than three and a half hours away!

Scipio was scheduled to do the liveblogging, but he decided it would be fun to taunt a tiger at the San Francisco Zoo. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Who will be in the starting lineup? Mack Brown said every position was open. We'll see just how open.

Texas receives. Arizona State doesn't kick it to Cosby so Texas will get the ball at midfield. Did they only watch the A&M game?

We open with 5 wides. Kyle Hix is starting at right tackle. Ulatoski is starting at LT. Chris Hall is at center.

Charles touches the ball twice for 25 yards. Looks like we're trying to keep the corners from cheating against the run with our horizontal passes.

3rd and 1 inside the 2. Easy play action touchdown to Lokey out of the backfield. Now that was a nice call. 7-0 Texas. So far, so good.

Sergio Kindle makes the tackle on the kickoff.

Let's see the starting defense!

Muckelroy is out there with Norton and Derry. Norton is helped off the field. Killibrew must have gotten food poisoning. Credit to Brown for actually starting the young LBs. The other change is Aaron Lewis starting over Lamar Houston at DE.

Arizona St punting. Good series for the defense.

Next drive begins at our own 10. Three straight runs gets 10 yards.

Musburger just picked up on the Chris Hall story. God looks the other way.

Davis calls a reverse pass, but Arizona St had it covered. 3rd and 9. Punt.

Arizona St will take over on the Texas 47.

Pacific Life commercials. We get it. You have a whale.

Brandon Foster strips the ball and Texas takes over. Refs reviewing. Call stands.

1st and 10 on the 47. Chiles in at QB, and Charles runs it to the 10 on the zone read. Next play Chiles runs it in untouched. 14-0. Chiles needs to stay in.

ChrisApplewhite IMs that Chiles finally juked somebody. He's right. I was beginning to think we had another Reggie McNeal on our hands.

Looks like Brown's 'not our standard' practices have achieved the desired result. Keep it up.

Norton and Muckelroy combine for a 3 yard loss. Football is simple.

Texas is beaten deep, but Carpenter underthrows it and Texas picks off the deflection. Marcus Griffin. Texas takes over with McCoy back in at their own 10.

Texas picks up one first down, but the drive stalls. Charles carried it twice, both for losses. Bring back Chiles.

Arizona St takes over on their own 25. They pick up one first down and then punt. Running a lot of play action to try to give Carpenter time to pass.

Texas to start their 4th possession of the 1st quarter. McCoy back in.

Long pass to Cosby off a busted play. 1st and 10 on the Arizona St 15. Charles breaks tackles and scores on the next play. 21-0.

Where has this team been all year? Think we'll get rid of the hard practices now? Is it really that hard to play the better players?

Kindle makes another tackle on the kickoff.

We blitz two guys and get burned by a screen. Arizona State has it at midfield.

End of the first quarter. But not before Musburger calls Carpenter a 'tough hombre.'

Carpenter with three straight bad throws, but we keep them in it with a pass interference and then roughing the passing penalty. Arizona St has a 1st and 10 on the Texas 14. Carpenter with his 4th straight shit throw.

Carpenter gets hit from behind by Muckelroy and then throws a lateral that is finally recovered by Texas on the Arizona St 44. Officials are reviewing it.

Carpenter looks like the dude from Terminator II. He morphed into a giant dildo on that last play.

Officials say a Texas trainer touched the ball. He didn't. Arizona gets it 1st and goal at the 7. Mack doesn't clap. Good sign.

Mack is pissed and refuses to call the official by his first name.

Officials review it some more and rule it 4th down and 3. Sun Devils going for it. Touchdown. 21-7.

They keep showing the poor bastard that didn't touch the ball. Identified him as 'Chris.' Applewhite?

Flag on negates a good return by Cosby. Charles and McCoy collide on first down and lose 11 yards. We lose yardage on 3rd and 19.

The momentum just swung. Arizona St gets it at the Texas 39.

Arizona St continues to run the same out route because we continue to give it to them. Lokey stops them short on 3rd and 2, but it's 4 down territory. Time out, ASU. Carpenter overthrows a wide open receiver on play action.

The guy on the sidelines has been identified as Mack Brown's stepson. That would explain the team's reaction.

Chiles back in. Three runs gets 9 yards. Punt. Fake to Bobino. First down.

McCoy in. Pass to Shipley along with a facemask penalty takes it to the ASU 26. 3rd and 11. ASU gets a dead ball personal foul, and Texas has it first and goal. McCoy runs it in for a touchdown. 28-7.

A touchdown for each side decided by the referees.

Arizona St stopped on 3rd and 2 by Norton. Punt.

Texas gets it with about 3 minutes left. Loss of 4 on a run, pass batted down and then a delay of game. 3rd and 19. Welcome back, Greg. We punt with 2:13 left.

Kelson strips the receiver on first down, but it rolls out of bounds. 1st and 10 at midfield. Two straight sacks by Orakpo and Kelson will force a punt. Kelson causes a fumble and gets a sack on roughly 5 plays.

Cosby brings it back to the Texas 45. We need to try to score here. So much for that idea. McCoy fumbles and Arizona State has it on the Texas 15 with 52 seconds left.

1st down. Pass out of the back of the endzone.

2nd down. Kindle and Houston force a dump off almost picked by Okam.

3rd down. Incomplete.

4th down. Field goal 28-10.

Larry MacDuff pushed Brown's stepson out of the way just moments after he DID NOT touch the ball.

Thank God for the 1st quarter. Our four drives in the second quarter gained a total of 25 yards, and 3 of them went for negative yardage.

Arizona St's drives have been 17, 3, 9, 11, 80, 8, 3, -3 and 9. They've started 3 drives in Texas territory and only gotten 3 points off them.

Second half underway.

Arizona St receivers have bailed Carpenter out on two first downs. Our DTs are dominating and have made ASU one dimensional. 3rd and 10 from the Texas 30. Bad pass by Carpenter. Field goal off the upright makes it 28-13.

We need to get Charles involved in the game again.

McCoy fumbles the snap on the first play. Loss of 5. Pass in the flat to the fullback gets 3. 3rd and 12. McCoy is sacked for a loss of 16. Nice opening drive.

Four of our last five drives have been for negative yardage. We've gained 7 yards since the first quarter.

ASU starts from the Texas 40. They go deep on 1st down, and Griffin picks it off on the deflection. Big play. Great plays by both Foster and Griffin.

We decide to run two straight plays out of the I for 3 yards. We then get a delay of game. 3rd and 11. Great catch by Nate Jones to pick up the first down. McCoy scrambles for the 1st on 3rd and long. A couple of yards short on 3rd and 5 at midfield.

And ASU muffs the punt and Henry Melton recovers. ASU is trying to give us this game.

1st and 10 at the ASU 32. McCoy scrambles downfield and then fumbles into the endzone. Recovered by Finley for a touchdown. Three fumbles by McCoy. 35-13.

ASU returns the ensuing kickoff past midfield.

Carpenter just throws it up into double coverage for a touchdown. Erick Jackson is still looking for the ball. 35-20. Three guys in Carpenter's face and two guys covering the receiver.

Dennis Erickson's sister just flashed the shocker.

Our offense at this point is McCoy running. Some designed, some not.

End of the 3rd. This is a long fucking game. Charles has been a non factor since the 1st quarter.

Jermichael Finley with his first catch of the game. We've stumbled and bumbled our way into 3rd and goal. Field goal makes it 38-20.

Rudy Carpenter is horrible. You can hear the Texas bench yelling 'Rudy! Rudy!'

Chiles in as Texas takes over at the ASU 39. Long touchdown run by McGee ends it. 45-20.

Carpenter out.

Since 1996 Brown has more wins than any coach in college football.

Foster completely whiffs on a blindside hit on the QB. Should've blitzed Beasley. Backup QB has gotten them a first and goal. Touchdown. 45-27. Erick Jackson's man has scored all 3 ASU touchdowns.

McCoy back in. Musburger says Charles personally told Lisa Salters that he's coming back. He was probably just trying to bang her.

Who the fuck is that hobbit over Brown's shoulder?

We pick up a first down and then turn it over on downs. Not sure Herbstreit and Musburger are even watching the game at this point.

Texas has now won at least 10 games for the seventh year in a row and has won 4 straight bowl games.

This game is now 4 hours old.

Bobino gets run over on the goal line, and it's now 45-34. God damn you, Holiday Bowl!

Announcers can't be bothered to watch the onside kick attempt. Texas recovers with 3:30 left. Musburger has run out of things to say so he's now telling Herbstreit about his first time.

Charles scores another touchdown. 52-34.

Foster gets Texas' 3rd interception of the night.

Game mercifully ends. McCoy forgets to credit God.