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Latest Bracketology 3.7

 height=Looks like Lunardi thinks we might be a two in the West in the latest version of Bracketology. I must say, although I don't like the thought of Texas playing a regional anywhere but Houston, I do like the potential matchups for the Horns all the way to the regional final.

UNLV, the 10 seed, plays a defensive brand of basketball akin to Okie State, but lacks any real offensive fire power. The 7 seed, Clemson, has a very powerful athletic front court, and a streaky backcourt after Cliff Hammonds broke his wrist. The Tigers' Achilles heal is their inability to take care of the basketball and their lousy foul shooting. They average 16 turnovers a game and shoot foul shots at a 62% clip. Their style of defense, quick trapping full court pressure, lends itself to a fast pace game that would favor the Horns.

Potential Sweet 16 matchups include possibly Mississippi State but more likely Georgetown. In Miss State you have a team that gets balanced scoring but isn't particularly deep. They've also had trouble defending teams that have multiple options offensively. Georgetown is a shell of last year's juggernaut missing the slashing talent of Jeff Green the 2006 team leading scorer. Texas could have tremendous success pulling Roy Hibbert away from the basket making him guard on the perimeter and more importantly away getting from his shot blocking domain in the paint. On defense, Texas should be able to lend interior help from many different sources as the Hoyas lack any true bonafide scorers. Georgetown sports a couple of terrific long range shooters in Jonathan Wallace and Jessie Sapp, but they aren't dynamic enough to carry a team offensively as long as the proper attention is paid to their shooting capabilities.

The Elite 8 game is almost assuredly going to include UCLA who will have a second round tilt against St. Mary's or WVA, and Sweet 16 possibilities vs. Purdue or Drake. If I had my druthers, I'd like to see Texas as a two seed in the South, playing the regionals in Houston, but this road doesn't look all that daunting. If we played UCLA again, I think you'd have yourself a coin flip.

Bracketology 101 is only updated through 3.1 but we'll be checking back with them.