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Jeff Fisher Addresses Draft Critics

 height=I'd like to thank everyone for coming, we've had some time to look at guys in organized drills and process some of things we were able to do in the draft and free agency, and we feel pretty good about where we are as a football team right now. Vince will be available a little later. With that I'll open it up to questions.

Q: Can you talk about the Pacman trade and why it worked out the way it did?

I'd rather focus on our team, and from that standpoint we've moved on. We feel we have some closure on the issue and wish the best for the player. As far as why Dallas was interested, that's tough for me to guage. Jerry felt there was something there I think. Maybe he had a bunch of Darvocet left over from his plastic surgery. Swedish absinthe? Hard to tell. But again we've moved on and I'd rather focus on our current roster.

Q: Okay. Can you talk about Chris Johnson, how he's come along and is he what you expected so far?

Chris has done really well, he's picking things up. We have a short list of things we target in the first round, just speed and dreadlocks actually, and Chris fit in nicely with what we were trying to do there. We've been able to do that three out of the the last four years or so. It's been good.

Q: Were there other players you were looking at there in the first round?

Yeah, there were a number of guys, it was a solid draft at the top. Not great, but solid. Really when you look at it, and this speaks to consistency around a draft strategy, but when you limit your search to a 40 time and hairstyle, only a certain number of guys will be there. We'd done some scenario breakdowns with Rashard Mendenhall in a wig, but we were real pleased with how it turned out.

Q: Now that you have three backs on the roster, is that just a sign of more competition at the spot or are you implying a lack of development at the position so far?

Not at all. We feel our current backs complement each other really well. It's all about balance at a position. We have one back with good field vision and a glandular disorder, the other is a physical freak but has glaucoma. It happens. You put those together and you've got a complete backfield. Really puts pressure on a defense figuring out whether it's the fast one or the one who can see back there, so they're constantly second guessing. Chris just adds another dimension to that. We can be really multiple with what we do there. We can use all three. Single Wing. Double Wing. We have one formation called Biplane where everyone is a back except Kevin Mawae. I have a call in to Quinton Ganther but we're confident we can get that done.

Q: You've mentioned that a lot, being multiple, and moving things around, taking advantage of the speed on offense to create some mismatches. Talk about that a bit.

Yeah, you know it's really exciting. Everyone thinks you need a big, tall, fast receiver to have an explosive offense, and really that's just not the case. We have a four tight end, 3 RB set that fractured 3 clavicles in practice. That's explosive. That's an explosion. Or more like a series loud snaps. But it's loud. You can hear it. Trust me.

Q: So to the critics who say you're stockpiling RB's like HenryJames stockpiles leather chaps, how do you respond? You've drafted 3 in the top 2 rounds the last 3 years.

 height=Well first off that isn't true. We actually have 5. So those people need to do their homework. We also signed Omar Cuff from Delaware and Rafael Little from Kentucky. Both have good measurables and played well at traditional Lacrosse powerhouses, so we feel really good about their chance to contribute here. And second, just because you have 5 guys doesn't mean you're stockpiling at a position. You could just be using up extra roster spots and cap space. Sometimes it's pretty hard to get all of that assigned somewhere. These guys give us a lot of options. We can be creative in using that up. It really lets you be flexible there.

Q: But you have taken a lot of criticism for not drafting a receiver early, and it seems some of that is warranted. How do you respond to that?

Well again, those people need to take a closer look at things and understand the process. We could draft a receiver and maybe that will work out, but the numbers don't back that up, and we feel really good about where we are right now. We have a lot of options at the position, and it doesn't make sense from a football standpoint to take that risk. Right now we have at least two #2's and a #3 on our roster. Add that up. It's like, what, 7 #1's? Something like that. Drafting a guy early when you already have 7 #1's is stupid. The numbers just don't support it.

Q: Huh?

I'm going to turn it over to Vince.

Q: How had the offseason been and how does it feel to be back Vince?

Good man. Good. It's all been good. Coach Fish helping me out a whole lot. Coach Hymen. He's cool. They respect me as a player. I love them guys. Coach Hymen been working on Steps. We got a routine called Blue Ice. It's tight. He's cool. It's all been good, you know.

Q: Were you disappointed not to have Limas or another receiver taken earlier in the draft?

Nah man. What am I gonna say? It's good. We feel like who we have, as a team, can do some things. We have some guys to step up. Gage make plays. Brandon. Roydell. Li'l Davis. Hightop. Rocket. Don't sleep on Ealy neither. Don't sleep. You know what I'm saying.

Q: Not really. Who are Hightop and Rocket?

Exactly. You know, but at the same time, who are they? That's what they have to figure out.

Q: I see what you did there. I think. Was that Colors?

We feel like last year we got that taste. We comin' hard this year. Playoffs. Superbowl. I'll chunk it to myself if I have to. If we don't do nothing we gon' ball.

Q: Okay. I think. Good luck next season Vince. Seriously.