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Texas Football: Four Fearlessly Predictable September Predictions

A Danny White-esque Fake Punt
No, not that DD Lewis, Rashad Bobino up-back bullshit.

I'm predicting you'll see at least 1 true fake punt from punter Trevor Gerland, a school boy track rival of Jamal Charles. The problem is, it'll happen on 4th and 4 from our 50 when we're up 21.......against fucking Rice.

A pick six from a defensive lineman
The combination of defending a schedule full of spread teams, a quick, athletic front 4, and Will Muschamp's purported creativity in applying pressure will provide Texas defensive linemen ample opportunity to house one. It might not be fair, but I'm including Kindle playing the "buck" position in this prognostication. It's certainly not fair nor funny when HenryJames is in the buck position.

Vondrell McGee on pace for 2000 yards after two games
If he can run for a buck thirty against FAU he'll have an excellent chance at getting on that pace with a trip to El Paso. Consider this, the mighty Miners allowed Turner Gill's Buffalo U. to run for 263 yards at a 5.3 yards per carry clip. Oh, and Turner didn't play. I checked. Throw in the fact that Whitaker is dinged, and McGee has an excellent chance for two huge games unless UTEP moves Dave Feitl to defensive tackle and Tim Hardaway to strong safety.

Mack will fall in love with a big back. Again.
It'll be comparable to Henry Melton hysteria circa 2005 just after the now defensive end trucked the Ragin' Cajuns' for 3 TD's. Only this time that big back will be a true ball carrier, both literally and figuratively. Look for Cody Johnson to get a signficant amount of carries vs. FAU and then bludgeon a tired, undersized and undermanned UTEP defense after McGee does the heavy lifting.