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Offensive thoughts on Rice

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First off, let me preface my remarks. It was Rice. Now I know that Rice gives scholarships too, but we usually do (get away with?) a lot of stuff against Rice that we don't do against other teams. Like trick plays.

I really liked the passing game for the most part. You see what happens when you use double moves and hit guys while they're moving. Greg Davis was quoted in the Statesman saying, "Jordan is an excellent receiver, and he's really good with that double move. He's a guy who we will be able to stretch the field with." There's a follow up question in there somewhere, but I find begging (for anything other than sex) very unseemly. Clearing everything out underneath and then dragging a receiver across the vacated area should be a base play in our offense. But Greg Davis no doubt views it as a trick play and will use it accordingly.

Blaine Irby's injury is devastating at the tight end position. We have no one close to him as a receiver. His two backups are a combined 560 pounds so it's conceivable that we could start running the balll a lot out of two tight end sets. Most likely it means that we'll add another wide receiver.

Our running game still looks like it was designed by a Tron fan. We have three backs who we are asking more from than they are capable of giving. It's not their fault, but I can see a lot of 80 yard rushing totals when we play good defenses. Fozzy remains the great white black hope.

Colt is playing about as well as he can right now, but we're pretty much asking him to be about 80% of our offense. Vince only did that when it was necessary, when he had to pick the team up and carry them. Asking McCoy to do that against the Rices and UTEPs of the world is setting yourself up for failure. We have to get other guys involved. I did actually see McCoy throw a pass away in this game. He needs to understand that you can't always just tuck it and run.

We did a lot more pulling in the run game than we normally do. It doesn't make much difference. When we stand the running back to McCoy's side, the defense can pretty much guess where the ball is going. When we give the ball to Ogbonnaya, McGee or Johnson with their shoulders square to the sidelines, there is only one place for them to go. Chris Hall struggled one one one against Rice's noseguard.

Arkansas is up next. Alabama gashed them for over 300 yards rushing last week so you can mark us down for probably around 150. We'll continue to rely on McCoy to win ballgames for us until he can't. Then we'll rely on him even more.