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Props To The Athletic Department

We at BC like to have our fun with Bill Little's Hallmark football essays, but Bellmont and the SID office deserve recognition for having have put together the best college football program homepage (Mack Brown Texas Football ) in existence. I like to read up on other schools and nothing compares.

Aside from the richness of content found in the archives, history, and daily features, you can find press conference transcripts, daily practice reports and videos, player features, highlights, and a film room breakdown of key plays from each coordinator. The photo essays after each game are also visually stunning. And yes, if you like Bill, he has some stories for you about twine or a special pony and how they relate to Orakpo's swim move.

My favorite feature is the Film Room. The Okie St version with Davis and Muschamp is excellent. Muschamp's personal accountability is as refreshing as it gets. You also gain some insight into the degree of autonomy Davis gives Colt and his WRs.

It's a phenomenal tool for selling the program and for keeping the fanbase informed and enthused.

I'm also sure that Bellmont doesn't mind the fact that they can deliver product directly to the consumer without the spin of the media. Neither do I. I read far more interesting opinions from engineers, doctors, lawyers and UT students in thirty minutes visiting the right places than from credentialed local media in one month. Now that the Athletics Dept feeds me the raw info I need, why exactly do I need the Statesman? Watching pay sites pass of publically available info from as "scoops" is also odd. Uh, I read the same transcript as you guys.

Do Not Look Behind The Curtain!

Enough of my Bellmont shilling. What are your thoughts? Has the presence of that platform changed any of your consumer habits?