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BCS Fox in Negotiations -BCS Wants A Lot More Money

The current pact between the BCS and Fox ends in 2010 and the BCS wants Fox to pay 60% more for the Post Season games. That would mean that Fox would pay $132 million a year for its four BCS games.

That's a huge jump in rights fees, especially with the way the economy is right now. Currently, the BCS collects $82 million yearly for the series.

ABC/ESPN could find themselves back in the hunt for the BCS Championship Game

The SEC recently signed a $3 billion dollar pact with ABC/ESPN, and the BCS just might asking for such a big bump in hopes of getting ABC back in the bidding process.

The BCS/Fox contract gives the network exclusive negotiating rights until the end of this week. Then if the they don't accept the BCS' final offer, and if the BCS finds someone in the open market who will pay it, Fox does not have the right to come back and match it.

Should ABC/ESPN get back in the BCS picture they would own a vast majority of the college football product. They would also have the right to move at least one of the BCS games to ESPN.

The BCS is looking for a 4-year extention, (which would coincide with the ABC/RoseBowl contract), while Fox want a 6-year contract.