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Big 12 Betting: Week 6

After a horrendous 2-4 Week 5, my record is now 16-13-1 ATS. I'm still batting over .500, but it's time I put one out of the yard. This is that week.

OU - 26 @ A&M

No one - no one! - goes into College Station and beats the Aggies. Except for football teams with 85 scholarships. My personal over/under on Oklahoma yardage is 540. Jerrod Johnson's development is coming along swimmingly though he still has turnover pneumonia. I like Oklahoma to walk the line.

OU - 52
A&M - 24

OSU +3.5 @ Texas Tech

I find these two teams to be equal so I'll take the three and a half. Lubbock will find Dez Bryant more troubling than a Negro president. Don't be surprised to see one of Tech's first drives involve a 3rd and 40 - whether deserved or not. The league office wants to make a statement and all of that. Sadly, Big 12 officiating is now starting to resemble NBA basketball - but with less organ music and fewer flopping Argentines. The OSU gameplan is simple: Hunter, Hunter, Robinson, Hunter, Toston. Pepper in some Dez Bryant bombs to keep a girl honest and you've got more ball control than Hillary.

OSU - 39
Tech - 38

Iowa State @ CU -9.5

The most tiresome burden of picking all Big 12 contests is precisely this sort of trainwreck. Neither team can score. Colorado can borderline defend, but their special teams look like Starr Jones on a Sybian. Iowa State's football coffin makes them accustomed to oxygen deprivation so altitude will present little challenge. Colorado has been scouting a local junior high to simulate Chizik's defensive complexity. So tossup on the intangibles. The game is in Boulder, so I suppose CU cobbles together enough points to win before an intense gameday crowd of 36,000. Whatev. I'm totally stok'd for ski season, bra!!!!

CU - 24
ISU - 13

Kansas St @ Mizzou -27

Trusting a Mizzou team that eked out a win in Waco to cover a massive spread is dubious, but watching Kansas State implode and quit in Lawrence signaled the death knell of the Prince era. Vegas is betting that KSU is a team that has quit on their season and I'm not sure they're wrong. Missouri seems to handle the dregs of the North (read: all teams in the North) with some alacrity and the coach, did, umm, quit. Gimli rolls.

Missouri - 51
Kansas St - 19

KU -1 @ NU

This is basically picking a straight up winner and winning in Lincoln isn't the mental block it once was to the former Big 8. Indeed, they take a special glee in sticking it to the junior high bully that tied them to the tetherball pole and threw their digital watch into a harvesting combine. Now the bully is unemployed, penniless, and living at their folks while Kansas drives by grinning in their '99 Toyota Camry with a steady job at the post office. Postal Auditor Grade Four, motherfucka! How ya like me now?

Kansas - 31
Nebraska - 27

Baylor +28 @ Texas

Baylor is one of the more decent bad record teams in the NCAA featuring a fairly brutal schedule brimming with moral victories. Robert Griffin is Der Wunderkind and he'll show his wares in Austin. Fozzy Whittaker's 14 carries will offer us hope of a running game and TE participation in our offense will be limited when Applewhite hides Greg Davis' I fomation laminated playsheet. Bottom line: we have a 11:00 am lazy Saturday kickoff in a game that we expect to win right after a heartbreaking loss. S-L-E-E-P-W-A-L-K.

Texas - 44
Baylor - 21

Pick it apart.