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High School Playoffs Begin This Week

It's important to note that the best part about the current Texas high school football playoff setup is that because the UIL now sends four teams from each district to the playoffs, Austin High (Loyal Forever, bitches) has a decent chance of actually going from time to time.

So in honor of the playoffs, here are my Texas High School Football Computer Ratings up to date through last week's games. The valiant Maroons, according to the model, are 23.5-point underdogs this weekend against San Antonio Reagan. The Devine My Little Ponies are solid favorites over BYE.

The data file is linked on the main ratings page and, to be honest, that was the vast majority of the work. It occurred to me that everyone that does high school ratings obviously compiles scores but nobody publishes them in the standard fixed-width manner that most score databases use. At least that I've seen. So I included the data file. The last two columns are number of overtimes and game location, respectively. Neutral sites are represented with a 1 in the last column.