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Big 12 Betting Week 7

After a weak week, I'm 18-17-1. I blame the Big 12 North Division. I have no idea what to do with Conference USA Del Norte. Their games follow no logic and I have minimal ability to discern degrees of bad once you get past Missouri: is it offal that beats rubbish? Garbage edges excrement? Flotsam gets the nod over dross? This has been good mental preparation for picking A&M/Baylor, the South's contribution to the Patriot League. From now on the Atomic Teeth guys are handling my North picks.

A&M +8.5 @ Baylor

I like the Bears to win outright, but I'm not comfortable giving up the 8.5 when this is this the largest betting line offered Baylor since 1996 against a Big 12 opponent. Having faith in the Aggies is a tenuous enterprise (ask Aggie fans) but Bill Byrne wrote in his newsletter that A&M is turning the corner. He also wrote about pinning his car on a concrete parking barrier, raccoons, and recently ranted about batshit; I believe that he may actually be mentally ill.

Baylor - 35
A&M - 27

Texas -13 @ Kansas

KU OL AWOL. KU DB PU. UT DL OK. If you need more, read this.

Texas - 41
KU - 24

Mizzou @ ISU +28

I give ISU a reasonable chance to cover. Strong winds. 35 degrees. In Ames. And Missouri does have a recent history of struggling there. Their bored effort against a decapitated KSU squad did not impress though Chase Coffman is healthy again. He should be good for 10 catches. Maclin shuts its down after his third touchdown to drink hot cocoa and that gives Iowa State just enough breathing room to score a late charity touchdown to cover.

Mizzou - 41
ISU - 14

NU -6 @ KSU

This strikes me as the easiest money one can find. Almost too easy. That's how I like my bets and my ladies. I'm taking the bait on behalf of the Bugeaters.

Nebraska - 38
KSU- 21

OSU - 16.5 @ CU

OSU was humiliated in Lubbock and I anticipate a bounceback game to get out some of the demons. Colorado is just a bad offensive football team though Sadie Hawkins showed some life late to pull out the thriller with Iowa State. If OSU struggles here, they're a mirage projected onto a myth.

OSU - 41
CU - 21

OU and Texas Tech are both idle.

I like Bleak Landscape -11 over Oklahoma.

I like Syphilis -27.5 over Texas Tech at home.