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Gary Framilton Offers Hope

As many of you know, Gerry Hamilton left Orangebloods to pursue his life's passion: e-baying Star Wars collectibles. There is a rumor that he may also have killed a man over a slight leveled against Locksley Collie's transition game and has fled to a country with no extradition treaties. Probably both are true. We'll never know.

I miss Gerry like the deserts miss the rain. He had a good work ethic, a hell of a lot of knowledge about basketball, a strong ability to evaluate high school football talent, and he wrote in legible sentences. These are valuable commodities in the world of sports interwebs. There's only one other dude whose basketball opinion I value more and that's our own Trips Right. In a startling coincidence, an individual called Burnt Orange Beat staff is now posting at the reconfigured Scout site offering strong basketball takes and a 1st person knowledge of several key football recruits.

I have decided to call this individual Gary Framilton. He is no Gerry Hamilton, mind you. But Barking Carnival wishes him well.