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How It Plays Out

Well, that was interesting.

And not necessarily bad. OU's destruction of Tech effectively removes the Raiders from the MNC picture entirely.

Yep, even a Texas Tech Big 12 Champion.

I'm going to assume a Texas win in Austin over A&M. The quality of that win has implications and Mack needs to be cognizant of that fact.

Tech over Baylor
OU over OSU

If Oklahoma blows out Oklahoma State in Stillwater and we dick around with A&M, the head-to-head win will be thrown out of the window and Oklahoma will advance to the title game. Spare me your counterarguments - it's just how people think. We'd deserve it for having the killer instinct of a golden retriever. If we humiliate A&M and OU wins in a close game, it's all about popularity, perception, and our contention that the game in Dallas trumps OU's sexy hotness. Yeah, they got a tit job and they've been doing microderm abrasion but they're still the same team we broke up with in Dallas.

Tech over Baylor
OSU over OU

Tech advances to the Big 12 title game where they face a 50-50 proposition against Mizzou though my instinct screams Raider choke job. Even if Tech wins, they're so badly marred by the OU whipping that the computers will treat them like a virus and the pollsters will treat them like cowpox. Texas likely plays the Florida/Bama winner for the marbles.

Baylor over Tech
Who cares about OU/OSU

We advance to the title game. If Baylor wins I will post a psalm on Barking Carnival every day for a week. This would prove that their God is strong and I would eschew my strict Black Muslim beliefs and go Baptist. Could it happen? It's very unlikely, but it could. Tech would have to turn in on itself and explode like a collapsing dusty star.

Other wackiness:

FSU over Florida.
Florida over Bama

Throw that scenario on top of the aforementioned and you end up with MNC insanity as varied as Texas vs OU, OU vs USC, and possibly even a crazy human voter push for an undefeated Utah.

What is clear is that we're assured of a BCS bowl. This Is A Good Thing.