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Witness live bitterness.

Texas Tech! Norman, Oklahoma! Does anyone have any cyanide!?

Instead of listening to the talking heads ramble on about how great West Virginia Kansas Missouri Rutgers Texas Tech is, I've elected to spend this 15 minutes watching Cops. They just busted a guy with crack in his pocket in Florida. He asked them to let him go because he had to get back to football practice or Coach Shannon would be pissed.

I saw 3 holding penalties on the opening kickoff.

OU is still too strong up front and too fast everywhere else for Tech's offense. Tech can't run against 5-6 man fronts and all the catch-and-runs won't be there, at least not consistently. 5 plays and a punt.

OU is manhandling the Tech front 4. You don't need me to tell you that's a bad sign for TTU. OU's gone about 50 yards in 4 plays. Too strong, too fast.

Too early for I-told-you-so's? I say yes. 7-0 OU (to get used to being happy when OU does well, I have begun taking meth to simulate the real sooner fan experience).

Tech gets a delay of  game penalty, then a false start. Guess Tech had to choose between stamps and officials this week.

Harrell is getting good-but-not-outrageous time in the pocket. Credit to Harrell for being on target with guys buzzing around him. Almost as impressive as HenryJames at the dartboard at Oil Can Harry's.

Harrell is as good at throwing while backpedaling as anyone I've ever seen. Can't save the drive, though, leading to another punt.

I look away for one second and OU has a 1st and 25. Beats having a 3rd and 43 like Notre Dame had earlier. Deep ball on 2nd and 16 misses and I don't like that call. Low % play and leaves you with long odds to convert. Punt upcoming. 4 drives, 3 punts. Suck it pundits!

I'm still not sold on Baron Batch but I would take Woods on my team any day.

Harrell takes a long time in the pocket again, but this time he's sacked. House money. 3rd and 22 and I guarantee a 15+ yard gain here.

But no, another sack after 3 seconds. It's like Harrell did not read BC in preparation this week. Well, I emailed the athletic department 50 times or so, not my fault.

Sports these days are abut matchups, and OU matches up really well with Tech. They always seem to. It sucks that we have guards that can get pushed backwards by the same guys getting rolled right now. Leverage and effort only get you so far, Techies.

In other news, I cannot believe that Trent Williams is a starting tackle on a top 5 football team. Also, 14-0.

So far Tech's only offense has been on comebacks after the WR finished running his route. That is not something usually available to a team that's never called for holding.

I heard this afternoon that non-ranked ACC teams are 12-3 against ranked ACC teams, this after UNC lost to NC St. 21-0 FSU over #25 Maryland, fyi.

Graham Harrell may have limp-wristed the game away. Sooner football up 14-0.

It's like playing a bunch of good teams in a row is hard or something. No, Tech just quit, that's what happened.

Watching DeMarco Murray against Tech's front 7 reminds me of watching Michael Goodson's high school highlight tape. "Of course he's rated highly, look who he's playing against." Let's try not to think about how badly Tech's DL punked us in the first half of our game.

21-0. We need to think about scoring here soon, Graham Harrell.

Tech fans in Norman don't know what hit them. It was probably a battery.

I'm going to run my favorite Tech fan quotes from the last couple weeks for the rest of the night:

  1. Tim
    November 3, 2008 at 9:09 pm • Edit

    Graham is the real Heisman candidate"

It's spelled Gresham, Timmy.

4th and 4 from the OU 45 and Leach goes for it. It's not ballsy, I doubt Leach even knows the score. Incomplete, and now we have to worry about OU running up the score on a #2 team and passing us in the rankings. Thanks for showing up tonight, Raiders.

  1. ChrisApplewhite
    November 4, 2008 at 9:33 am • Edit

    Tech needs to beat OSU, because there is literally 0% chance they beat OU. Perhaps even less than 0, somewhere in the neighborhood of -50%.

Oh, not a Tech fan. I'm sorry.

Jesus Christ. Two Tech DB's just let Juaquin Iglesias juke them out of their shoes. Juaquin Iglesias. That's like getting your ankles broke by Sloan Thomas. 28-0.

How was that not a horse collar?

Uh oh, 28-7. Now it's a game! I think the shortest gain on that drive was 30 yards.

  1. dedfischer
    November 4, 2008 at 11:26 am • Edit

    There’s not THAT much wrong with your DL, it’s just they started quitting in the 2nd quarter as we adjusted to your speed. Tech then started to move the ball via land and air. They’ve definitely got a shitload of talent, but you guys had people half assing out there and maybe you’ve played a tougher schedule, but I think Darrell Royal would agree with me that I have my reservations about them when things get tough in January. They seem to be a knockout artist type of defense, and if you can survive the early on-slaught, you can out last him. Or, at least, that’s how it appeared from the stands.

I wonder how this game appears from the stands?

6 minutes to go in the half and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw 3 more TDs before halftime. If there is another one scored, it will swing the game tremendously from where it sits now. OU gets the ball first so a TD here will all but end the game. If Tech holds and scores again, it's a two score game and they have all the momentum.

What God did Murray please? I wonder if he could go for less than 7 if he even tried. Tech is getting abused up front, and that just doesn't happen. Nobody dominates . . . . well I don't know any of their names. But I'm told they are all dominators.

He just clowned Tech again. He was 7 yards behind the LOS at one point. Tech's DL is tired. I have some advice:

  1. dedfischer
    November 4, 2008 at 12:37 pm • Edit

    Then, you need to fire Mad Dog, if you want to play this kind of football. Believe me, they’ll be accustomed to staying on the field, if the OL can’t do a better job of adjusting to a higher level of opponent. It used to happen to us all the time and then you would come tell us how bad you dominated us and we got lucky. And you were right. But, that wasn’t the case this year.

Handoff, gain of ten. Handoff, gain of ten. Handoff, gain of ten. OU is moving the ball so quickly on the ground that they are having to pull up and be more deliberate. Embarrassing for Tech.

35-7 and I think they ran 2 different plays on that drive. 400 first half yards for OU.

OU and Texas have two very different OLs, and you can really see if against Tech. OU is built to push people around, we are built to move. Hold that thought.


Anyway, Tech's DTs are a lot like Brandon Noble, if you remember him. Get low and try hard and you can hold your ground. Those type of guys can push us around if we don't call smart games. OU can just mash, and Tech doesn't have the speed to do anything about it.

It's 42-7 now and OU gets the ball first to open the second half. What is the biggest beatdown of a top 5 football team ever? What were we ranked against UCLA?

I just realized that OU is going to be the focal point of the college football world for the next week. I hope Brett Farve takes Tom Brady hostage tomorrow.

I still can't believe it's 42-7.

  1. dedfischer
    November 8, 2008 at 9:05 pm • Edit

    We looked beat up and worn out from the Texas game.

  1. Tim
    November 9, 2008 at 7:10 am • Edit

    This Texas Tech team is making BC bloggers look like complete idiots.

I'm going to miss Tim. The Texas Tech era sure was fun, wasn't it?

Tech's defense mans up to start the half and holds OU to a FG attempt. Only 38 point lead now. Don't give up!

Oops, they re-quit. 52-7. They haven't actually scored the TD yet but it seems like a safe bet.

Assuming Mike Leach stays, Will Muschamp is going to get inside that offense the same way the OU staff does.

WTF happened to Rutgers this year? 6-5?

Ha. Holding on a Tech OL. First one of those since the Kansas game for them. Great timing on that flag, ref.

Crabtree single handedly gets 40 yards and gets it erased by a penalty. Not that it really matters at this point but watching futility has a certain voyeuristic appeal.

OU is still passing with aplomb. They are trying to avoid killing two Heisman campaigns, I suppose.

Speaking of UT rejects, Billy Don Malone had himself a bit of a game today.

So, will OU jump Alabama?

Ha. That was a lame penalty on Nic Harris, and I normally encourage excessive flags against OU. You know you suck when the refs are taking pity on you. Or maybe they had Tech + 50.

Hey, Todd Walker. I remember you. 3 years ago he'd be a starter.

Well, Tech just turned the ball over again. I hope OU scores again. Ahhhh, the meth just kicked in.