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Tennessee to Hire Al Davis Reject

That's what ESPN is reporting. Lane Kiffin, who was 5-15 in a year and a half as the head man at the train wreck known as the Oakland Raiders, is slated to take Phil Fulmer's place at Tennessee. Kiffin, who is just a year older than Peyton Manning, supposedly will be announced as the Vols head coach early next week.

At least one Tennessee writer thinks it is a horrible hire, because it is essentially tossing a goldfish into a pool of piranhas.

Aside from his disastrous stint with the Raiders, Kiffin's claim to fame is as the Offensive Coordinator at USC in 2005 and 2006 where he shared the play calling duties with Steve Sarkisian.

Kiffin reportedly has already talked to his dad, Monte Kiffin, the Defensive Coordinator with the Tampa Bay Bucs, about taking the same job at Tennessee. Oh and wildman Ed Orgeron, fired at Ole Miss, is considered to be a likely assistant hire as well.

Yeah, this sounds like a good idea.