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Scattershooting on a Saturday

1. You may have seen the pushing and shoving before the Texas/TAMU game the other night. Here's how it happened-

Darrell Royal has always hated how the fans would boo the other team as they ran on the field. The last few years, the stadium had the visitors run from their locker to their sideline as the Horns ran onto the field, so there were just cheers. Stadium security directs the visitors from the area of the north end zone where several Horns have their pre-game prayer. The Ags camped out in that section, and waited for the Horns to get there so they could have some shoving matches. I don't want to get on too much of a high horse (well, maybe I do), because trying to start a pre-game fight is what overmatched opponents do in rivalry games, much like Texas did in '89.

2. Have you ever listened to the SMU radio broadcast? Their color guy, Craig Swann, makes Dave South sound like the model of unbiased, dispassionate commentary. He yells, rants, and cries. The crazy thing is that, as an ex-player, he's supposed to be able to provide some kind of insight into formations or tactics. Nope- he provides as much added benefit as your drunk uncle on the couch.

3. The 2nd quarter FG by the Ags was idiocy, complete idiocy. It was 4th and 1 with less than 2 minutes left in the half. If the Ags go for it on 4th down and make it, they can continue their drive, which would end in a FG attempt, a TD, or a turnover. In each of those cases, if they make the 4th down (and it was very little yardage needed), Texas would not get the ball back with enough time to do anything. A successful 4th down attempt means they go into the locker down 14- 7, 14 - 3, or 14 - 0.

Kicking the FG meant Texas had enough time to drive, and as we know the half ended with Texas up 21 - 3, a completely different situation. Idiocy. One of the simplest tools for coaching decisions is to ask, "What could happen if I do this? What could happen if I don't?" This was dumb like Fran not knowing when to go for two was dumb.

4. Wow, didn't Steve Spurrier used to be an offensive genius? He did. At Florida, in the mid-90s, he averaged 40 ppg. As his time there ended, his ppg dropped to 35. Now, at South Carolina, he's around 25 - 28 ppg. I think defenses caught up to him, and his offense has been taken about as far as it can. This is a good example for my theory that every offense has a shelf life of a few years before it goes stale. Teams need to constantly update their schemes.