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Why is the New York Times losing so much money?


Apparently it’s now enough to interview just two people for an article. Is it possible that those two are biased? Perish the thought!

So let’s take a look at the biggest bullshit claims.

-McFarland was a guest of OU at the game in Dallas this year. Yet somehow after the game McFarland ends up at a party thrown by Caligula. An ‘upscale hotel’ that had naked women ‘romancing each other’ and drugs among other temptations. Sure it did. I’ve yet to see any party like this during OU weekend. No one has. But when you’re trying to convince yourself to go to a school where players have raped women in the dorms and players have been busted for selling cocaine, you project. And when you’re a shitty reporter from a 4th rate college, you don’t attempt to verify anything. Just print it.

-Ms. Adams had dinner at Mack Brown’s house. She said Brown asked her, "Whose house do you like better, Bob Stoops’s, Les Miles’s or mine?" That Brown. Always bragging! Ask any high school coach, recruit, player or parent if this sounds anything remotely like the Mack Brown they know. Of course not.

-Texas coach Oscar Giles, ‘who is black’, did not call McFarland until he asked who he would talk to if he ever had any problems about race. You mean the defensive ends coach whose assigned recruiting area is Houston did not call a defensive tackle in East Texas until he was asked to? How nefarious!

-Texas coach Will Muschamp had to explain to Ms. Adams that Texas had probably sent her more phone calls and letters than they had to any other parent.

"He was acting like he was doing me a favor," Adams said. "You’re recruiting my son. I feel sorry for them if they’re saying they haven’t had that much interaction with any other recruit’s family. I feel sorry for those families. I really do."

How generous(?) of Ms. Adams to feel sorry for those parents who are not using their children for financial leverage.

-McFarland said that at Texas, groups of players worked out with a strength coach while at OU it was one-on-one workouts. Right. I hate to be the one to break it to you, Jamarcus, but you are one of 85 scholarship players. You’re not going to get individual attention for every workout. Typically an adult would step in at this point and explain it to you. But have fun with Jerry Schmidt. He really cares about you.

-Ms. Adams claimed that Texas’ recruiting efforts were done through Lufkin coach John Outlaw. As anyone who follows recruiting more closely than a reporter for the New York Times knows, if anything Lufkin is an Aggie town. John Outlaw has sent exactly two players to Texas during Mack Brown’s tenure. Both signed in 1998. Normally when you have someone accuse another of bias, you interview the other person. Did you even make an attempt to interview Coach Outlaw, Thayer? I’ll save you some time. The reason Texas coaches had to meet with McFarland at the school was because Ms. Adams refused to let them in her house. Thay it isn’t so!

-Texas was trying to divide the family.

"It is obvious that the recruiting has put a strain on your relationship," the message said. "JaMac wants Texas, and Mom wants OU. We want you to still come to Texas, but we are going to slow our process down because you two need some time to get on the same page. We do not want players at Texas if everyone isn’t on the same page."

In the same message, Brown wrote that Texas would not visit again unless requested.

McFarland’s mother and grandmother were offended.

"That’s tacky to me," Adams said. "You’re basically telling my kid to just go against his parents."

Offended? That’s one way to look at it. Another way to look at it (the correct one) is that Brown told you that he doesn’t sign kids unless the parents support that decision. That’s why Texas spends so much time recruiting the parents as well as the children.

-Finally we get to what the whole recruitment was about.

"Two days later, another Internet report surfaced, this time suggesting that McFarland and his mother had been offered extra inducements by universities and had then reported the transgressions to Texas."

Reported the transgressions to Texas? That’s one way of putting it. Here’s another way. The saintly Ms. Adams asked what Texas was going to offer. That’s when Texas backed off. Mack Brown had to politely explain to her in a letter that Texas doesn’t do things that way. After you finish reading Jamarcus’ homework, Thayer, maybe you can ask her to read that letter.

If she pleads ignorance, there’s a copy in Austin.