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Jai Lucas to Announce Tonight

The 6-0 transfer from Florida will announce his next destination some time this evening. I posted over a week ago that there was a strong probability that school would be Texas. (See comments section.) And that's definitely still the case. If I hear anything definitive sooner, I'll let you know.

As for the move, I think it would be outstanding. Jai is good lead guard prospect who would automatically be an upgrade at the position over anything we have on the roster this year or next. He's a better creater than his brother and a good shooter that would prevent defenses from helping off the position. See the Michigan State and Wisconsin games as examples. The move would also allow Mason to get off the ball allowing him to play the caliber defense we've grown accustomed to the last two years. It would also take tremendous pressure off of Bradley from having to run part of the the show next year. A three guard lineup of Lucas, Mason, Bradley with a mix and match in the frontcourt of Pittman, Hamilton, Johnson, and James (if he returns) would be downright nasty. We'd go from having one or two guys that can create off of the dribble, to having 4 guys on the floor that could create off the bounce. The personnel upgrade would be huge especially considering Rick Barnes' offensive philosophy. The random screening game could morph into more of a Dribble Drive Motion attack without missing a beat on the defensive end. Jai would be an outstanding addition.