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Liveblogging: Basketball - Texas Longhorns vs. Appalachian State (2nd Half)

A little context for the first half, Barnes not too happy with Atchley, James, and Abrams. They rode pine for most of the first half. The trio combined for 9 points and six fouls. Good news is that Gary Johnson hasn't missed a beat with 5 blocks and points. Pittman is wrecking shit down low, 4-6 with 11 points and 5 boards.

I don't know why the Longhorn nation isn't welcoming Jai Lucas in with open arms. Our guards are dog shit shooting the basketball. Mason, Balbay, Ward, and Smith are a combined 1-9 from the field.

James takes the opening possession and jacks a horrible 3. Pittman board, and put back.

Pitt with great low post D, follows it up with deep post position and a nice half hook to give him 4 points for the half.

Secondary break finds Dex down low with great position. He kicks it back out to James who drives into the teeth of the helping defense for foul shots. Beautiful.

Third possession, Pittman, low post pivot move and dunk. Great patience by Atchley to wait him out and deliver. We're coaching, apparently. 6 points in the 2nd half for Dex, time out Appy.

Abrams with a deep 3 off a ball screen. Bad shot good result.

Pittman channels Bill Walton with a feed to a cutting Atchley from the high post. And 1. Dexter f'n Pittman.

Texas up 21. If it gets much worse, I'm watching the Sugar Bowl.

Pittman finally misses after a nimble spin move.

Balbay's pressure forces a turnover.

Appy comes down and draws a foul. Texas up 17.

Balbay with a nice dime out of the inbounds underneath. Pittman with a nice catch and flush. Pittmans hands will make him money.

Abrams comes down and pulls 1 on 5. Pittman bails him out with a board. Goes to the line to get a new career high. Misses the foul shot but Texas gets the rebound. Pittman at the line trying to get a new career high of 20. Make that 21.

Time out. Wesley Snipes is trying to sell me a total gym with help from Chuck Norris and a spread eagle Christie Brinkley. Wesley, it's pretty, it's so pretty.

Reid Gettys joking about tongue injuries. Wow.

Ward gets ripped and Appy converts the easy layup.

Mason breaks down the defense and drops an And 1 dime to Matt Hill.

Jeez, James rebounds above the rim. Mason comes down and hits a nice fadaway. Texas up 25. Ballgame. Congrats to Dexter Pittman for the career high. Hope Connor Atchley's tongue gets better.

We'll preview the Arkansas game Monday.