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Live Blogging the Cotton Bowl

I'm late, sue me.

Ole Miss gets the ball. Tech's front seven make two nice plays to put Ole Miss in a hole. Snead with an NFL caliber deep out for a first down. Colt beat this kid out, and quite handily.

Jeez, four plays into the game and there is a blocking infraction called on Ole Miss. Where was this crew November 1st. The Rebels can't get out of the first and 20 hole. Punt.

Tech's front seven is getting good push against Ole Miss' front. Could be a long day for Snead. Let's see if Tech shows any rust.

Miss getting good pressure. Jerry (talented Miss Dlineman) has been held twice. Crabtree gets no separation on a fade, 3 and out. Looks like the under 68 might be the play.

Exchange of punts and the Rebels are in Tech territory. Nutt is much more palatable when he's not coaching the pigs.

Mckinnor Dixon with a sack. Two sacks for Tech today. Wild Nutt Rebel on third and 10 is five yards short. Nutt fakes it and picks up the first. Great call in a game that should be a shoot out. Rebels promptly fumble it away.

Tech's on the march using, of all things, draws, wide receiver screens, and a no huddle. Ole Miss defender falls down, TD Tech.

Pick six, Texas tech.

Cotton Bowl crowd makes the Orange Bowl crowd look like a Nelson concert.

This is why I'll never play another under in college football. Too many big mistakes.

Homeless guy plays for Ole Miss. I guess he has a home now, but he used to be homeless. Pretty cool story. Self loathing Generous white family picks up a large black kid walking the streets and now he'll probably play in the NFL. The state of Mississippi continues to make strides.

Wild Nutt formation, reverse pitch to Snead, who throws it down to the Tech ten yardline. Mike Leach is seen scribbling feverishly on a his Big Chief.

TD Ole Miss, there's the Texas Tech I know and love. Let me be the first to welcome them back to 2009. Reunion party at DKR November 7, 2009.

Nice draw play to Batch. Harrell douches at the official for a blow to the head. An Ole' Miss coach screams holding from the sideline. Just when you think it is over, 2008 pulls you back in. I fully expect pickled brain Summerall to start blathering about style points.

Crabtree once again with no separation. Lewis drops a first down. No way Crabtree is healthy. Either that or he's changed roommates this bowl season. Tech punts again.

Tech seems to have donned ruby red slippers for this game. There's no place like Muleshoe. There's no place like Muleshoe.

There's a better than average chance Summerall thinks Brian Baldinger is John Madden. The percentage goes up with every shot of Beam and every Baldinger inanity.

Snead would be the 7th most accurate Big 12 QB. Missed a sure TD and easy first down throw. Big arm, though.

Snead throws into double coverage and Mike Wallace makes a "60 Minutes" worthy TD catch. Tie ballgame. Wallace may be the best receiver on the field today. Crabtree is not right.

Harrell gets heat up the middle and falls to the ground like a sniper shot him. Dude's going to have to show toughness if he wants to sniff the League.

Crabtree on the quick slant for a TD which was set up by a nice draw play catching Ole Miss in a stunt. I guess the under wasn't the play.

Tech front four giving Ole Miss trouble. Getting decent pressure and limiting big plays in the run game. Dedfischer was right.

Jail break screen gets the Rebs out of a 3rd and long hole. Still struggling to establish a run game.

TD throw from Snead to a TE on a seam pattern. This may be the best tackling Tech team I've seen, but they still lack talent in their back 4.

Oh, and if you had the under in this game, you've got a pair that clanks.

Back shoulder fade to Crabtree is incomplete because he has no strength in the injured ankle. He's limping noticably.

Fourth and 1 from their own 35 and Tech sneaks it. Makes it by a six inches.

Harrell follows it up with a horrendously underthrown fade that's picked. Tech is out of sync.

Long run by Ole Miss and they're in business down to the Tech 10. 3 incompletions and Miss is forced to try a field goal. It's good and the Rebs are up 24-21.

Tech in the two minute offense. Crabtree is a shell of himself.

4th and 5, 9 seconds at the 50. Harrell runs 48 yards to the 2 and time runs out. Holy shit. I think Henry James may be faster than Harrell. Half time.

They're showing Sheppard Smith talk about Ole Miss. Brutal programming, but tolerable considering Barry Switzer is lurking somewhere in fox's studio. Larry Lacewell should have offed himself.

Halftime Stats, Ole Miss has 337 total yards to 247 for Tech.

Tech will get the ball first.

"Repetition is the mother of invention." --Brian Baldinger. Yes he's been partaking of Summerall's stash.

Crabtree just dropped an easy slant. Injury is the mother of invention.

Pick six by the Rebels. Ten point lead. Crabtree slips on the injured ankle and the CB houses it.

Eyes of Texas was right, you can make a fortune by just betting overs in every Big 12 game.

Ole Miss is dialed in defensively. The last 4 passes have gone interception, incompletion, incompletion, incompletion. Punt team.

Punt return for a TD. Texas Tech is showing its true self. Perennial frontrunner that handles adversity like a celebrity heroin addict. Check that, the returner was ruled out at the two. If Tech can force a field goal, I'll take it all back.

Tech forces a field goal attempt because Ruffin McNeil threatened to eat the defense. Wide right. Tech still in the ball game.

Fourth and 4 from their own 35 and tech tries to sneak it!!! I'm confident Harrell was in the huddle and said okay guys, trips left, douchebag sneak on two. Turnover on downs to the only real football team in the Cotton Bowl.

Happy with his second chance, Nutt runs the ball 4 times for a TD. Frontrunners are done.

Three and out. Tech's opening up a big can of quit. Is this a good time to revisit that tie-breaking thing now?

Mercifully, Ole Miss is forced to punt. Tech has yet to cross midfield this half.

Tech with a nice shovel pass to get down to Ole Miss' 30. Taking advantage of the Rebels aggressive Dline.

Crabtree not on the field. A holding call on Tech. Tech assistant coaches can be seen picking up pieces of leach's skull and brain matter. McNeil grabs the salt and pepper shakers.

3rd and long and Tech catches Ole Miss in a Carl Reese blitz. Touchdown Tech.

Miss is now pounding it on the ground. Four running plays and they're down to the Tech 15.

Down to the 4. Fumble at the goal line. Tech gets it back!!! Game on.

Safety. Or could be a safety, could be a touchdown if you're Pat Summerall and have a pickled liver. Ole Miss goes up by 12.

Brilliant time to hand it off to your converted FB moving side ways 5 yards deep in the end zone. Oh wait.

Here comes Ole Miss again. In Scipio UFC vernacular, time to ground and pound. Maybe I can draw out that body building freak with a "Mixed Martial Arts is Violence Pornography" post. Or I could offer free meal replacement coupons for every thread response.

Miss with a pass down to the Tech goal line. I would love to see Ole Miss run it up. Right on queue, Ole Miss punches it in with the only productive Wild Nutt formation play of the afternoon. Leach has gone from sneaking pours into his plastic Coke cup to taking pulls off his Beam bottle.

I'm looking forward to seeing Brandon Carter's eye makeup run.

Another holding call on Tech. That would make three more holding calls than they had called their last 4 conference games. Oklahoma is fucked.

TD Tech anyway. Going for two, Harrell gets blown up. Hamby and Carter go ballistic on the Mississippi Dline for, gasp, sacking their quarterback. This ain't the Big 12 or the WWF you two Nell Carter sized douchebags.

After the two unsportsmanlike penalties, Tech to kick off from the seven and a half yardline. Pat Summerall did the math for me.

Leach with the onside kick, Mississippi gets it. Run it up Nutt-sack.

Ball game. A Houston Nutt coached team showed more class than Texas Tech. Outstanding. Way to embarrass the conference on two fronts. See you in November. Clowns.

Brandon Carter's next job.