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Liveblog Fiesta

Orakpo drew a hold on the second play of the game. I wept a little. Maybe we should join the Pac-10.

Pryor is faster than he looks. Or Muckelroy isn't.

3 and out on our first drive. That's a bad sign. We did have a good run though, which is a good sign. Great punt, too. I hope it's all defense and punting.

tOSU can't get any push but we can't rush the passer. Pryor won't have any trouble dodging one guy. I'd just to blitz but they have tall, fast receivers and an athletic QB. Puts you in a bind.

Gideon sure likes to get juked, doesn't he.

We have a great pass rush. It's weird to me. But our two worst players are killing us so far. I don't think Boeckman will survive if they use him because he'll have to be alert for two guys way faster than he is.

The first item on any Texas scouting report is "Expect run on second down." Second is "Blitz. A lot."

That's going to happen if we don't try to stretch the field eventually. tOSU covers too well underneath. We can't be running to the flat, even on short yardage downs. If you let them play man they'll get all up in  your business. Show some balls!

I'm glad Pryor runs out of bounds 10 yards before he has to after we blow 6 tackles. It would be ugly otherwise.

Someone tell me why Russell Shepard can't play QB?

Our LBs are invisible. They've never had to play gap defense or take angles before and you can see they are struggling with it. It's all about the DL tonight.

Bad snap and it ruined the kicker's flow. Lucky break for us. Hopefully Muschamp pulls out a tackling dummy or something.

Cosby's catch to end the quarter was an audible. You can tell because everyone else runs the play.

So far I don't think we've thrown it farther than 5 yards downfield but once. End of quarter.

More dinking and dunking. Greg Davis would make an excellent limit poker player, though he'd telegraph his hands a lot.

2nd down run are averaging roughly 0.0 yards so far. That's a ballpark.

I'm not saying Texas should come out and just bomb everything down the field. But at some point you have to force one just to show the other team that you will. And by bomb I mean a 10 yard pass.

We are still bad at defending screens. Everyone wants to kill the QB. It's like tricking a shark into a cage with chum. Our ends aren't playing the run very well, either. It's hard to switch back to run first though.

The LBs have no idea what they're doing. This was my worry. They are 2008 defenders, not 1988 defenders. Ohio State runs their offense based on a playbook Woody Hayes left behind.

Still can't tackle Pryor. This is a little embarrassing. For them, not me. I can tackle. Unless I'm mistaken, there were only two completions this drive, a screen and a 2 yard curl. Scrambling QBs dominate.

Penalties are our best defense so far. Like 2006 A&M. Omen?

Beockmen returns, gets clobbered, incomplete. Why is he playing.

You can't throw a screen when you aren't throwing with any distance. I know this. My dog knows this. He just rolled his eyes.

Two open throws in the middle of the field. Our game plan will draw LBs closer to the line, that's for sure. Keep doing that, make the LBs drop, then you can worry about screens.

I don't like 5 wide in long yardage. It's too easy to force a quick throw, and against good tackling teams it's just a bad idea. Good thing we're not playing one.

I bet we bitch out on the 4th down but I hope not. Balls!

Balls! Should've bitched out. You know you can't run out of every situation, Colt.

Oklahoma argued that they were a better team now. They aren't. But we have gone way backwards. Lost the balance that made our offense work. We're relying on Colt too much now.

He may not have a Heisman, but Colt does not have the record for most roughing the passer penalties in a year, breaking his own record of 257 from last year.

When did Limas Sweed put on Chris O's jersey?

Quan is just a great college football player. Probably no an NFL future and he isn't a deep threat but there isn't a more important player to the team after Colt.

I almost wrote "Are we going to drive the field in under a minute?" but I didn't because every time I predict something it doesn't happen. Looks like it's a brain power and not an actual typing thing.


Barry Switzer and Eddie George are on the halftime show. It's like all of college football wanted to kick us in the nuts this year. I can't wait for the '09 Mack Revenge tour where we start kneeling with 7 minutes left instead of 11. Take that, Wyoming!

I missed the start of the 3rd because I couldn't stomach the halftime. But I did get to see the missed 3rd and 1. I am cursed. The only two plays of the second half I saw against Tech were the drop and the TD.

Fake! Balls! Spot is right on the Tostitos Xtreme Jalapeno Corn Chip Xtra First Down Yellow Corn Line Brought To You By Sears Line.

Eventually people like Charlie Tanner are going to be replaced by people like Michael Heuy and we won't have to fake punts anymore.

Let's fake two punts. That would be fun. No comment on the play before.

In the future, when all of us are gone, they will call roughing the passer "The McCoy."

Great call on the QB draw and that might be the nicest one of those we've ever run. Colt's spin actually worked for once.

OSU is having great success letting the DEs run up the field and running inside of the crease. The OLBs are playing poorly but that just makes it harder. I can't tell who Muschamp is expecting to deal with that because nobody is there.

Terrell Pryor looks like Michael from the wire.

Beanie Wells' picture looks like a mugshot, and Colt's looks like the tourist he killed.

Colt's completion percentage dropped as the season went on and teams started forcing throws to other non-Quan and Shipley receivers. Quan has some major league hands.

Running away from tSOU's linemen is a littler different then running away from A&M's.

The OL is getting abused after a god stretch of not getting abused.

The downside of the rugby punt is having it caught. Lots of running room.

Roy Miller just blasted through 3 people and ruined that play. I don't think he gets enough respect. I legitimately fear losing him. I haven't heard much from Andre Jones lately, so I wonder how much he'll give us next year in Miller's place.

Another punt. He's going to be our head coach soon. That makes me feel warm. That and the hobo wine.

tOSU's defense is worn out after playing for 7 grueling minutes tonight and guys are starting to come open.

The hurry-up is allowing us to unfurl a little bit. We're moving the ball well and tOSU can't do a thing against it. The game is moving at a pace in which Tressell's sweatervest may burst into flame.

I think Roy Miller is timing the snap. He used the same move on that sack that he did to blow up that earlier play. Squatty powerlifters didn't used to move like that back in my day.

I think an OSU WR makes a diving catch once per game. It's in their TV contract.

Hartline broken up the INT and displayed better ball skills than anyone on our team. Meanwhile Roy Miller has decided to be unblockable.

More like Jordan Shifty amiright?

We're in a good rhythym right now. We're attacking different areas of the field and we're doing it quickly and efficiently. Colt is back his old self . . . I say as he fumbles the ball. Near disaster. Losing yardage is really the death knell of an offense like ours. Colt's never balanced his scrambling and throwing the ball away very well.

Pryor just got lucky as hell on a floater. tOSU is staying in this by the skin of their teeth.They are reviewing it so I'm going to go take a shower.

The pass rush is taking hold now. I think if tOSU jsut ran 50 QB draws in a row they'd get like 700 yards.

They are just bringing in Boeckman to run two plays -- something deep and a curl or out under deep coverage.

Texas must have collectively bet on tOSU tonight. The last 5 minutes haven't gone well for them.


Texas is 14 points better and up by 2 right now, pending the PsAT. Lots of turnovers, penalties, and drive ending mistakes.

Good pressure again. Pryor shorts it when he has guys in front of him like the puss he is. He'd be better of just running.

I would pay money to see Pryor and Beasley in an MMA fight. I think there would be 13 slaps then someone would start crying,

The second half has gone as such that I'm not even the slightest bit nervous. I don't think it's hit me yet that it's a 2 point football game with 7 minutes left.

3 and out on the biggest drive of the game. Pryor has a poor record in these situations, but honestly he shouldn't even be in it. We don't have a closer on offense. We do on defense but Pryor's speed negates them.

That was a weird fumble, not that it matters now. I just hope we let OSU score quickly. Nice tackle Rodderick.

I count 5 RBs for OSU in the last decade named Wells.

11-2 is not so bad, considering.

Texas should let them score here. Not kidding. We lose if we stop them.

Looks like Texas got the memo. In other news, nice last ten minutes, crew.

Offsetting PI? I don't think I've ever seen that before.

OSU TE's have a bad habit of dropping stuff in the endzone against us.

Colt McCoy just tried to throw a hot read through 3 people in a line from Colt to Shipley. Something tells me they were prepared for that.

Not sure what happened on that spot but the refs missed it early on. Kirkendoll pretty clearly had it. I'd be pissed if I was Tressell, too, though.

When tOSU's fans were cheering when they scored, I was thinking that they were being a bit premature. Since there is like 5% internet penetration in Columbus I will have to die knowing I can never say "I told you so."

Also, Colt to Quan. Apropos.

Oh wait, we still have to defend a kickoff. Shit. From our own 15. This has potential.

That mullet guy is going to be photoshopped like 700 times this week.

tOSU only needs like 30 yards. Not out of the question. That penalty may end up hurting.

Orakpo. Apropos.

We live with Colt to Quan and a pass rush. tOSU died with it.