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When you're right you're right . . .

and the phrase ends there, right?

OK, well, let's start with the good stuff. UF's defense . . . good for you guys. Gave up yardeage in spades but when it really mattered they pulled something out of their asses time and time again. I wrote this in an email this morning:

"Don't forget, you have to finish! It's not enough to rack up yardage between the 30s. I think that's why OU loses, if they do."

You could've changed the 30s to teh 5s, as it turns out. Florida's disadvantage was size, but it doesn't matter as much around the goalline because you can crowd the ball more, and Chris Brown will only go as far as his OL lets him. Throw in one goofy turnover and you have a recipe for yet another OU choke in a big game. WVU's defense wasn't all that good, remember.

But, credit where credit is due. The DE's aren't great, they get plays from the interior occasionally, the LBs are dynamite and the secondary is young but you'd never know. Those cats can play. Bradford's numbers just show how good he is, because he had to earn it all.

My prediction:

"That’s why I think Oklahoma wins, 38-24."

So the 38 wasn't close. But if they score those two gimmes, kick the field goal . . . I mean that's pretty good, right?

Anyway, UF's offense is what we thought it was. Exactly what we thought it was. Good at everything, great at nothing. Other than Harvin, no explosiveness. Tebow is a great facilitator that can keep an offense moving 4-12 yards at a time, but you can't rack up points like that. The game came down to limiting OU, and if I were a betting man I'd be a poor man, too. 14 points! 2 turnovers! 0/2 on 4th down! Did not see that coming.

So congrats to Meyer and the (#2 to us) UF. The guy was #1 on my list for a reason.

Oh, and a free lifetime BC subscription to the first person that posts the fat crying band chick from the OU band. I need a nightcap.

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