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Halftime Oklahoma Thoughts

We're competing. It's not pretty but we're competing.

You can tell Barnes asked his kids to play faster. There were a few uncharacteristic turnovers because we're playing faster, but the uptempo, lots of bodies strategy should bear fruit in the second half as ou gets winded. I predict some tired jumpshots if we can keep this going. It'll be net positive if we can take care of the ball better.

Homecooking going on. Y'all know I don't get on the officials in these things, but the officiating has been shit. We're going to the hole and crashing the boards with the same frequency as the sooners. Our athletes are similar. Call it both ways. OU gets to the double bonus with two minutes to play. We get into the bonus with 30 seconds left. That's not whining, that's bullshit.

Balbay and Mason can penetrate against this defense. It's not one of ou's better defensive teams. Connor really opens the floor.

Kudos to Harrison Smith and Dogus Balbay showing up to play. Damion James? Quit being a pussy.

If we take care of the basketball and get a call or two, we'll stay in this thing. OU's getting tired.