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Quick Oklahoma Preview

Five things that need to happen for the Horns to pull off the quasi-upset (quasi because Oklahoma hasn't played anyone so nobody knows how good they are).

1) Make Blake Griffin play defense. Whoever he guards, needs the ball on the low block every possesion especially early in the game. We need to get this kid in a little foul trouble early.

2) Bang Blake Griffin on defense. Griffin is the best NBA prospect in college, and he will be the #1 pick in the draft and deservedly so, but he is not an Alpha Dog. I'm stealing from Simmons here, but he is a classic second banana. Of course, this doesn't really matter in college because of the talent gap, but I think the kid has some quit in him. This is one of those games where we need a Gabe Muoneke.

3) Control defensive glass. Blake Griffin needs no help on offense. Robin Lopez Taylor Griffin is only a threat if we let him board.

4) MasonBalbayWard has to take Willie Warren out of the game. This is a perfect game to put AJ on Austin Johnson and dare him to shoot. We can help off of Austin (.280 from 3) or Tony Crocker (.337 from 3), though we need to watch Crocker because he could be dangerous if he gets going early.

5) We have to make defenses pay for how they play AJ. Either he needs to get hot and hit a few, or we need to counter.

Oklahoma is not a deep team. Cade Davis is the 6th man and their only contributor off the bench that is more than a body. We can't help off of him though, and we don't always recognize these things quickly after substitution. Of course, we will need to make our free throws. Griffin only shoots 61%, but the fouls we have to give (Connor's and Connor Lite's) are likely to be softer Charmin, so that doesn't help much.

Whichever Capel brother coaches the Sooners isn't very good at what he does, so that helps the good guys.