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The return of Gerry Hamilton

Gerry Hamilton has finally resurfaced at BurntOrangeBeat. If you follow recruiting, you already know that there is no one better when it comes to providing information on recruits in the state of Texas. No one works harder.

The two most important things in covering recruiting are accuracy and speed. Hamilton sees more prospects on film and in person than any non-coach in the state. Gerry brings a recruit to the attention of Texas fans. Scouts him. Interviews him. Talks to those who know him. Tells you he's going to commit. And then breaks the commitment.

And Hamilton has no peer as well when it comes to covering Texas basketball recruiting. St. Benedict prep point guard Myck Kabongo committed to Texas last night. Oh, you didn't know that? You would if you subscribed to BurntOrangeBeat. The other services that follow Texas recruiting will scramble to make some phone calls and then pretend that they knew something they didn't. But Hamilton owned this story from the beginning.

And he looks like Lance Berkman.