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A couple of thoughts on Avery Bradley and Jordan Hamilton

I'm going to make a comprehensive post detailing the near term future of Longhorn basketball, but I wanted to share this quick little tidbit.

I talked to someone that has been following the careers of Texas' two incoming superstars Jordan Hamilton and Avery Bradley, and there was one thing he said about both these kids that was very encouraging. Yeah, sure, he mentioned their ability to create off the bounce, score the ball, and make teammates better by passing the basketball. Hell, everybody knows both are straight ballers.

But the descriptor that this person kept going back to, outside of typical basketball vernacular, was toughness. He said these two kids were junkyard dog tough and wouldn't back down from anyone in any situation. He said they'll give this Texas team an element of toughness they've lacked the last two or three seasons. Sure they're dynamic offensive basketball players, but both are ferocious rebounders who will give great effort on the defensive end and take pride in defending. And above all they're tough. They're winners. Hamilton is the more fiery of the two and his temper might have to be managed a bit, but the AAU coach I talked to said when it comes to competing, you'll have a hard time finding tougher competitors than Bradley and Hamilton.

Something to make you smile after last night.