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Jeff Fisher to Vince Young: Man Up this Offseason

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With their sudden elimination from the NFL playoffs, the Tennessee Titans can now turn to dealing with their Quarterback situation. Kerry Collins moved into the starting spot after the first game of the year and stayed there. Vince Young still has 2 years left on his contract and according to sportswriter Peter King, he spent most of this season on the Titan sidelines in isolation and pouting.

Collins, 36, still thinks he has two or three good years left, and he wants to be a starter, or move on. Fisher says he respects that, and wants to re-sign Collins as well as 3rd team QB Chris Simms. As the team packed up to go home, Fisher said there is plenty of time to sort out the quarterback situtation.

Fisher stated that Young was still very much in the Titans plans, but he also said that this offseason had to be different.

"We expect a 100 percent commitment from Vince. We'll accept nothing less than that,'' he said. "This is about Vince Young, and this is about spending the time here and about committing himself to the offseason program and just doing the best he can to make himself a better football player. And take advantage of the experience he gained this year even though he didn't play.''