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2009 Spring checklist

1. Find a DT

Roy Miller was a game changer. Losing game changers suck. OU will find this out if Gresham goes pro. We still have Lamaar Houston, but he's a 3. As good as he can be in that role, we need someone who can, at the very least, clog up a double team. I do not mean HenryJames' porn career, either. He can rock a mesh shirt though.

The candidates are ________, _________, and ___________. So we have options.

2. Find a TE

. . . because we lost ours. Irby is still here, yes, but I'm talking about Quan Cosby. Strong, great hands in traffic, can find the soft spots underneath, and is consistent in the short passing game. That's our team until Colt graduates. Shipley can do it, but if he's the only one then teams will just clamp down on him and suddenly we're relying on unproven players.

There are two ways to go with this. One, you put Malcolm Williams on the field and show teams that bracket our underneath routes that we will go over top of them. Williams is good for 3-4 of these a game until defenses start respecting him. Dan Buckner also fits this role, potentially.

The other route is find a new Shipley as Shipley becomes the new Quan and as Quan becomes the next Grey Cup MVP. Brandon Collins is the best bet because of his talent, but James Kirkendoll has been the most consistent. At least one of them is a safe bet to fill the position, but we can't have the drops. They are going to have to pull out the tennis ball machine this summer.

The wildcard here is that we actually learn to run the ball so we don't need the dinking and the dunking. Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to ride my flying pig to Hell for my skiing lesson.

3. Find a guard.

The OL is OK. It's needs to be better to give us a chance at a run game. We have 3-4 NFL bodies who can't beat out Chris Hall and Charlie Tanner. That tells us something, either about hte players or the coaches. Not sure which.

We'll also have 3-4 more Charlie Tanners. Either our potentially great players step up or we will be back to watching Gerald McCoy push around a guy 10 pounds lighter than him. I'm talking about you, Mark Buchanon.

4. Gideon.

[me as Captain Kirk]GideOOOOOOOON![/me as Captain Kirk]

RIP Ricardo Montalbon.