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Why Texas Isn't Playing Wisconsin Next Year

ESPN's attempt to broker a game between the Longhorns and the Badgers may not have fallen apart because they couldn't agree to a Horn return visit to Madison. It may have fallen apart because Texas is playing at Wyoming next year. Wisconsin says the game didn't get off the ground because neither side was ready to give up a home game.

While both teams non-conference schedules for 2009 border on the laughable, neither was willing to add another road game. Wisconsin has 7 home games, while Texas has 6 games in Austin. The Horns are the designated "home" team for the OU battle in 2009. Right now Texas plays at home four times through October 10th, and then won't play in Austin again for almost another month. The Horns three non-conference home games are Louisiana-Monroe, Central Florida and UTEP. Colorado opens Big 12 play in Austin before the trip to Dallas.

Wisconsin has games at home against Northern Illinois, Fresno State, and D-1AA Wofford. They go to Hawaii. UT was willing to move the Central Florida game to another year, but Wisconsin said they had to have 7 home game this season for financial reasons. Texas was also adamant about keeping its home schedule.

As budgets get bigger and finances get stretched, the need for seven home games will be one of the biggest pressure points used by those who want to get Texas-OU to a home-and-home series.

Thanks to the Wiz of Odds for the heads up.