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State Of Texas Recruiting Context: Part II

Take a look at this map that I created showing BCS recruits in the state of Texas in 2008.

A picture is worth a thousand words, isn't it? Despite that, I'll add some more.

Draw a line from Wichita Falls straight down to San Antonio. Now go straight across eastward to the Louisiana border and stop. Draw the line up the Louisiana border north all the way to the Arkansas border at Texarkana and then connect it back to Wichita to include DFW.

You've just drawn the actual map of Texas talent. 70% of the geographical space in the state is barren in terms of talent and though there are places in West Texas, far North Texas, and South Texas with great passion for football, that passion doesn't translate to quality or numbers. Spare me the Mason Walters, Garrett Porter, David Thomas, Jerry Gray citations. Citing the exception merely proves the rule.

Effectively, the football rich portion of Texas isn't much different in size from the state of Alabama.

You can also see the thick clumpings of talent on our borders and why LSU, OU, and Arkansas are our most dangerous out-of-state raiders. Fostering a strong Texas state identity is important if a kid is on the Gulf Coast - it's easier to drive to Baton Rouge than to Austin. Dallas is a wash.