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Some Early Saturday College Basketball Musings

Is there a more miserable color commentator than Len Elmore when he's doing a Maryland game especially when the Terps are getting prison raped? Cheer up Len, did you really expect the Terrapins to do anything at Cameron Indoor today? There's no Juan Dixon or Stevie Francis on this club. Elmore has gone through the first half of the ballgame with analysis that vacillates between pathetic rationalizations of the Terp whooping to stunned silence. Horrible. Speak up so Mike Patrick can mix in puffs on his cigarette.

Is Hasheem Thabeet really talking shit about Luke Harnagody and Tyler Hansbrough not being tough? Come on. Thabeet's probably the most athletically gifted big man in the country for two years running and there's zero talk about him being a national player of the year candidate. Look, I have Hansbrough driven tired head, but shut your pie hole until you're more than a glorified Casey Sanders.

Speaking of dumb shit talkers...Maryland's Greivis Vasquez claimed publicly this week that he owns Coach K Court calling it "his house". Nice work big daddy. Down 40-15 at halftime to the Dukies, I can only assume you own Cameron Indoor in a 2010 grossly overleveraged sense or in the same way Henry James owns the House of Blues minus the chest pound and biker boots.

More on the Duke game, John Sheyer and center Brian Zoubek are playing really well, helping to take pressure of Singler and Henderson. Maryland's not a good basketball, but the Devils look like the best team in the country.

I'm interested in seeing how the Fighting Irish handle UCONN's size today. Syracuse really gave Harangody and that frontcourt fits earlier this month, and UCONN's frontcourt is the steroid-version of the 'Cuse. The Irish will really have to shoot a high percentage to win the ballgame. A poor shooting night and they'll likely get run out of the gym. And that's why Notre Dame is such a huge crap shoot in a tourney setting. They're such a poor defensive team that when they have a mediocre shooting night they'll probably be eliminated. I'm excited about this game, though.

And then there's Bobby Knight's new gig on ESPN. Love him or hate him, the dude is poor entertainment gold. This morning on Gameday Live set in Notre Dame's arena which was packed with Irish fans, the General proceeds to tell the story about how he asked Digger Phelps to kiss his ass right before a game at Notre Dame. A game in which the Hoosiers won 94-29. Then he proceeded to razz Hubert Davis after the former North Carolina guard went on a diatribe about on ball defense. Knight responded that he couldn't go into his analysis because he was stunned in to silence because Hubert Davis never played a lick of defense in his career. Everyone laughed, but Knight was serious. Things are funny because they're true.

Oh, and as I publish this, Duke's up 42 points with nearly 13 minutes to go. Who's House? Greivis' House.