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Post-A&M notes

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Damion f'in James

The SID department Nick Voinis, head of communications for the athletic department, does an amazing job at and I'm still in awe that they throw up updates, quotes, notes and adjusted season statistics within an hour of the game's conclusion while rival team's sites still haven't updated last Wednesday's game.

Some interesting gleanings. After this win, Texas has:

• Improved to 19-5 against Texas A&M in the Rick Barnes era
• Won its 19th consecutive home game and posted the 101st win in the last 107 home games
• Stretched its school record Big 12 home win streak to 14 games
• Improved to 90-9 (.909) against in-state foes during the Rick Barnes era, including 59-8 (.881) against the three Big 12 Texans

Those are all impressive statistics, but when you consider the amount of talent that the state produces in basketball every year and that the fundamental nature of basketball lends itself to upsets, a 91% in-state winning percentage against all Texas comers and a 88% winning percentage against Tech & A&M is a testament to dominance.

Good win. We'll learn quite a bit about ourselves over the next 3: @ Baylor, KSU, Mizzou.

Here's hoping our new forward-o-centric offense continues.

And don't be afraid to extend that pressure, Rick. We're good at it.