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Outlook Schedules & Football Replays

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1. If you want to download any of the athletic schedules directly into your Outlook calendars, this is a nice tool that I found on the ever-useful site. I just downloaded the entire Men's basketball schedule so I won't do anything absurd like scheduling a work event in conflict with a game. The meeting reminder tells you the TV coverage as well.

2. For those of you who haven't checked into the Multimedia tab in a while, go to it, click on, do the relevant sorts, and you'll find 8 football games from 2008: FAU, Rice, Arkansas, OSU, OU, Mizzou, Baylor & A&M. Picture quality is solid, commercials are gloriously absent, and play-by-play is by Craig Way rather than a blithering network buffoon.

3. The coolest aspect of it all might be the gametracker. It offers you a statistical breakdown by quarter, the pre-game preview, a post-game synopsis, even the weather conditions.

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