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Tom Penders: "It's All ESPN's Fault"

Last weekend Houston's Aubrey Coleman mistook Arizona's Chase Budinger's face for a throw rug.

Coleman was kicked out of the contest, and then suspended by Conference USA for another game. His coach, Tom Pender, has come to his defense with a conspiracy theory. He says ESPN doctored the video.

According to Deadspin, Penders was on a Houston radio station today and claimed that ESPN made the incident look worse than it was, and hung his player out to dry.

He then added, "I've worked there, and I've seen them do that kind of thing. I called a producer I know over there, and he's pretty high up, a guy named Norby Williamson; I called him three times. And he hasn't returned my calls. So you know something's not right."

Tom made no mention of the video which showed Coleman laughing and being high-fived by teammates after being ejected.