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We're Going Artificial

Fast playing surface

It looks increasingly likely that Texas is going to consider going to some form of FieldTurf. It's used pretty heavily in the NFL and is growing increasingly popular in college football (Nebraska, Oregon), FIFA, MLB, and the front yards of Barking Carnival's readers once they realize that you don't have to water or cut it and that you can hose labrador poop directly into your neighbor's yard. Your wife will be able to clean up the backyard with a swiffer. The Longhorns curently practice on it in the bubble so it's not unknown to us.

Field turf (and all of its derivations) differs from classic artificial turf (which many of us endured at some point in our high school careers) in that it's still a fast track, but it's soft and yielding, mimicking the feel of grass. No Insta-ACL tears either.

I'm eager to see what Greg Smith and Britt Mitchell can do on a fast track.