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A random number of thoughts on K State

1) Early in Big XII play K State was a very athletic basketball team that didn't want to guard anyone. Evidently, Dalonte Hill is spreading the Beasley dollars around for defense now, because K State has been bringing it after starting 0-4 in conference play and squeaking out a win against CU.

2) The key to KSU's early defense was pressure on our wings causing guys to catch the ball in no man's land. You have to be at the free throw line extended to make effective entry passes to low post players with good position. You can't do it from the coaching box. This pressure completely annhiliated our offense. Not understanding proper spacing and not countering the overplay on the wing with anything at all are both coaching issues.

3) It sounded like the PA guy in the Drum was saying Teniente Clemente.

4) 44 is alot of points for one guy.

5) It is hard to be tough if your first name is Connor.

6) I think the Longhorn interwebs are a little tough on AJ Abrams and Damion James. I have yet to see Barnes chastise AJ for any shot that he has taken. I ain't going to bang on a kid that is doing what the coach wants him to do. Damion James has vastly improved the speed of his release and the fluidity of his midrange jumper. Too bad he was a stiff last year that made alot of shots. He looks more like a shooter this year, but the lid has been on for him nearly the entire season. Anybody expecting more out of these guys than what we have gotten wasn't watching them too closely last year.

7) I don't think any of the Longhorn basketball players are selfish. If AJ was selfish he would be demanding the ball in the backcourt so he could run the point every possession. He can't shoot his way into The League.

8) Effort was not an issue at any point in the game, despite what you might read on the Longhorn interwebs.

9) Frank Price needs the Rick Barnes' diet. He has really packed on the pounds.

10) I watched the Purdue v. Michigan game before heading to Scholz's to down Blue Moon's on a beautiful day. Matt Painter has a bunch of decent athletes that have some size, but no real point guard. You know how Painter masks this deficiency? An offensive system is employed where players and the ball move around in a progression that eventually leads to an open shot. I was sad that I was so impressed.

11) The squatty, fat, dumpy looking official is worse at his job than anyone else is at theirs including Isaiah Thomas, Dubya, Keith Olberman, Dave Lapham, and Jerry Jones. He was proactively awful. Usually bad officials are bad for the road team. He was bad for the home team until about seven minutes to play when he made the magnanimous decision to suck gigantic elephant cock for both teams. The other two guys made some bad calls, but not the egregiously stupid calls that Humpty Dumpty made.

12) I can't understand having Balbay on the floor instead of Gary Johnson at the end of the game. Neither are three point threats, but I would much rather see GJ throwing up a prayer than the auto foul on The Doge.

13) I thought Barnes would slow it down in overtime and try to run an offense, but he is really a dance with the one who brung ya type of dude.

14) Memo to The Doge: Do not give up back to back open threes to the only guy we really need to guard on the court.

15) Varez Ward has gargantuan testicles. He is going to be the guy that we wish Justin Mason turned into. I prescribe 500 threes a day in the off season.

16) Speaking of the Mase, thanks for driving in the second half. The only thing that makes sense with Mason is that there is an Adrian in Rocky level woman sucking his will to live somewhere in his life. I do not understand what has happened to this kid.

17) Also, dude, it is really bad if the ball spins sideways when you shoot.

18) I think the crowd at the Drum was really a factor in the come back. We were a factor because of the officiating. We don't know when to stand, sit, or make noise, but we will jump all over a horrible referree.

19) I wish it was downhill from Scholz's to The Drum.

20) We have a volleyball player named Destiny Hooker. Everytime I hear that, I have a picture of Jack Horner saying, "Those are some great names!" and I giggle.

21) I don't know why, but it is an awful idea to drink one Pilsner Urquell after a pitcher of Blue Moon. That combination made the pils the worst beer I have ever had including all the hot Lone Star's and Natty Lights.

22) I have a completely irrational feeling that the shots are going to start falling for these guys at some point, and that will mask our offensive weaknesses. I mean we can't miss this many layups and open looks for the whole year, right?