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Halftime KSU Thoughts

We can't continue to ball screen for guys that can't shoot the basketball. It's just dumb. A waste of energy. All KSU has to do is come under the screen and it's defended. The cost involved is precious seconds on the shot clock and zero threat on the weakside. It's galactically stupid.

Our frontcourt continues to play tentative on the glass. Connor is playing like a walk on. This should be Dexter's game from here on out. Connor shouldn't see another minute of playing time today.

AJ Abrams has reverted back to channeling his Allen Iverson. Pass the fucking ball and use the attention you draw from defenses to help your teammates. It's infuriating.

Justin Mason needs to pretend he's playing against Sig Ep's at Gregory. His asshole is so puckered up that he can't function. We need him. He can penetrate and finish against the Wildcats. He might be the only one in a Texas uniform that can do that.

It's time to press. You have a deeper bench and an opponent that has a propensity to turn the ball over. Do it. Put Dexter at the back of your press and if he gets tired, put Hill or Chapman in. We need to do something to create a spark.

Damion James better hope scouts aren't watching.