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Signing Day 2009

Another year, another Top 10 recruiting class for Texas. Ho hum. I'm not going to focus on the players who went elsewhere but instead take a look at the players we got. But I won't pretend that every guy we signed is the best we could have gotten. My opinions are based upon seeing them play in person, watching film and talking to guys who have seen them a lot more than I have. Names will be provided at pretrial deposition.

LB Tariq Allen, Irving MacArthur

He's not the fastest or most athletic linebacker around, but there's still room for a traditional 4-3 Mike on the roster. Right Jared Norton? I mean, we play Oklahoma State and shit. Scipio will use 300 words to say the same thing.

OL Thomas Ashcraft, Cedar Hill

Wrote about Ashcraft earlier.

DB Eryon Barnett, Euless Trinity

He missed most of his senior year with a torn ACL, but you can't pass on a 6'2" corner. You just can't. If it turns out he can't play corner at the next level, then you have a safety who can really run and cover.

DB Marcus Davis, Clear Creek

Davis is probably a safety at the next level. He's physical but will have to prove his coverage skills. Our secondary talent is getting ridiculous. As an aside, his dad is supposed to be real cool dude.

QB Garrett Gilbert, Lake Travis

Gilbert is one of the top 3-4 QB prospects in the country. He doesn't have a rocket arm, but who the fuck cares? It's college. He will probably excel in our current offense which is probably good because we'll stick him in it. Make him prove you wrong, Greg! If you insist being the only QB offered though, you should at least have the decency to enroll at mid term. Not much on the depth chart in front of him.

TE Trey Graham, Waco Midway

Not sure what we're doing at tight end. Our best successes at the position were super athletic guys who could run. Apparently our evaluation process sees positives in 6'5" 230 pound Graham and 6'1" 215 pound Barrett Mathews. Maybe the coaches are using him as an excuse to talk to 2010 stud Ahmad Dixon. "Hey, why don't you bring Ahmad along?"

DT Calvin Howell, San Antonio Warren

Howell became every Texas fans' favorite recruit when he talked shit about Jamarkus McFarland at the all star game in San Antonio. He has a great frame and quickness, but it took about 6 games worth of film to put together a highlight reel for him. Not that productive in high school. But defensive tackle is all about potential, and he's got it.

DT Derrick Johnson, Hoxie (AR)

Johnson is a man child. Just a physical freak. His competition level makes Austin High look like the Steelers, but his potential is through the roof. Teach him technique and turn him loose. A big 'Fuck You' to Arkansas.

DE Dominique Jones, Kilgore

I think this guy is the most underrated recruit Texas signed. There was no senior film of him available until a couple of months ago. The guy showed the ability to maul people as a blocking tight end while terrorizing offenses as a defensive end. And he did all on an injured shoulder that will require surgery. I can see Bruce Chambers and Oscar Giles fighting over Jones.

OL Paden Kelley, Lake Travis

Texas coaches get lazy in recruiting at times.

"Should we go check out that kid at Bay City?"

"Nah, let's just take Kelley's commit and then go eat at Matt's El Rancho."

Kelley played left tackle for Lake Travis, but he'll play right tackle or even guard at Texas. When he played against other college prospects at the all star game in Florida, he got pistol whipped.

DL Kyle Kriegel, Elysian Fields

Kriegel is a bit of a head scratcher. The only film publicly available was from his sophomore year, and he looked like Gray Mosier. When he committed, he didn't list any other offers but Texas. But he has a great frame to add weight and long arms, and Texas coaches are thinking long term. Move him to defensive tackle, put him in the weight room and check back in three years.

TE Barrett Mathews, North Shore

Mathews is a tweener. He's not your traditional tight end, but he's a guy who can wreck shit in the spread. Imagine a 230 pound athlete in the slot who can block linebackers but has to be covered by safeties.

DL Tevin Mims, Round Rock Stony Point

You can excuse Texas fans for overrating this guy a bit at this point. We're just excited to get a commitment later than March. Mims is by no means a pass rushing terror at end, but you can't have too many defensive linemen. I think he compares to Lamarr Houston as a future strong side defensive end or defensive tackle.

LB Patrick Nkwopara

You have to love what the spread has done to linebackers' size. Nkwopara is small, but he can run and strike. Don't confuse him with Rashad Bobino. Whereas Bobino was a run stuffing Mike (in high school), Nkwopara plays on the outside and he has a thinner, more athletic build. Muschamp had great success with smaller linebackers at Auburn.

DE Alex Okafor, Pflugerville

This is a guy who will play next year and eventually play defensive end at 285 pounds. Huge wingspan. Huge upside. I will outrageously compare him to Julius Peppers.

OL Garrett Porter, Odessa Permian

He played left tackle for Permian, but he ain't playing it at Texas. When he finally went up against D1 guys at the all star practices in San Antonio, dude looked like CloseToJumping in high school trying to block Steve McKinney. He's huge, but he just doesn't move as well as you'd like for the guy protecting your QB's blindside. I personally think he's a future guard or possibly a right tackle, and I have never been wrong about anything. Ever.

WR Greg Timmons, Aldine Eisenhower

Timmons gets props for bringing back Grady Cavness' haircut to the Forty Acres. He also gets props for being the first Eisenhower player to sign with Texas that I can remember. He doesn't wow you with his speed, but speed to a receiver is like arm strength to a quarterback. Overrated at the college level.

DB Kenny Vaccaro, Early

Another defensive back who missed part of his senior year due to knee injury. Of course transferring to a 2A school and playing linebacker for his final season probably wouldn't have helped his development either. But Florida offered so he has that going for him. Which is nice.

OL Mason Walters, Wolfforth Frenship

Who the fuck knows why he played center in high school, but Walters is the best left tackle prospect Texas has signed under Brown. Looks like Tarzan, plays like Tarzan on HGH. He's enrolling at mid term, but we should redshirt him regardless and then let him start for four years.

RB Chris Whaley, Madisonville

So what running back did Texas target for its four receiver spread offense? A 6'3" 230 pound I back with questionable desire and work ethic. Don't try to understand it. Just trust the staff that has seen fit to offer Tyrone Richardson, Ivan Williams and Henry Melton at the position. I think he'd make a great tight end or defensive end.