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Signing Day Fix

While we mourn the official beginning of the offseason, I wanted to pass on some Longhorn football junkie signing day fixes:

Peter Bean has an exhaustive reference page on Burnt Orange Nation to prime you on our new class. The individual player profiles written by Ghost Of Big Roy are particularly informative. He mined many data sources, hit Google hard, and I learned a lot reading them (Dominique Jones is a Mennonite; Thomas Ashcraft's favorite movie is Kurosawa's Rashomon).

Gerry Hamilton, from Burnt Orange Beat, has his own breakdown for the Austin American Statesman. Smart move, Statesman. Gerry knows his stuff. He also drove 860 miles from Houston to Southwestern Georgia to sit in on Jarvis Jones' press conference. Either he is deeply committed to covering recruiting or he enjoys watching young men play 3 Card Monte with hats.

As always, Rivals has free film.

I have my own two cents to add, of course.

I'll have specific player breakdowns over the course of the week: projected position, program contribution, relative state of hygeine. Stay tuned.