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Feel, Feel, Feel My Heat

The Tech game is being moved to September 19th to accomodate a national broadcast. They're looking at a 7:00pm kickoff which is at least somewhat sane.

My thoughts:

1. We will take a number of elderly people off of the Medicare rolls with this move, providing valuable tax savings
2. Tech has an inexperienced QB and this plays into our hands; it will be Pottsy's 3rd game as a starter, his first on the road after facing powerhouses Rice and North Dakota in Lubbock
3. Girl watching: Texas talent, Tech talent. 91 degrees at kickoff. Clothing? Minimal.
4. This moves UCF to November 7th, allowing us a nice non-con break before the home stretch run against Baylor, KU, A&M. I like this - SEC teams do this - and it's a smart way to heal your football team as they limp down the stretch.