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Don't look now but Memphis is for Real

Coach Cal moves Tyreke Evans to the point and the Memphis Tigers are blasting folks. They went to Gonzaga Saturday and face raped the fighting John Stocktons. Tonight, they hold a pretty solid Tulsa squad to 39 points.

Keep in mind that Memphis returns five big contributors from the Championship runner up club including Taggart, Dozier, Mack, and Anderson. Throw in dynamic point guard Tyreke Evans and you have a solid nucleus that can do damage in the tourney.

If they go in as a 4 seed or worse, they'll be a tremendous value pick in your Calcuttas and confidence pools. They can defend inside and out, and have creators off the dribble that thrive in a tournament setting. I'm cashing in my IBM stock and buying World Wide Wes (WWW).

Neck tats, holla.

Gangsta Hoopa.