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The View from Inside the Drum

There are two outstanding write ups by Trips Right and srr50 already posted.

I like to get to the Drum real early when I can make it to watch the team go through their drills and the pre lay up line shoot around before they go in the locker room. This is what I saw:

1) Some guys mess around in the shoot around. Gary Johnson grabs a manager and practices post moves the entire time. He probably shot 20 left handed baby hooks from the low block. When he figures out how to make one, it will be a dangerous move.

2) Justin Mason made 17 straight jump shots from different places on the floor. It was weird for both of us.

3) There were three really hot camera chicks.

4) All the assistants were lounging in the first row, cracking on each other and the team, and making comments on the camera chicks and other assembled pregame talent. It seems that Chris Ogden is the Pied Piper of the group.

5) I went up to the nosebleeds to get the birds eye view of the guys jumpshots. Dexter has too much arc for a mid range jumpshooter. Gary Johnson is perfect in that his 17 feet and in shots have the exact same shape. Everything he does is incredibly repeatable. AJ Abrams is an amazing shooter.

6) AJ runs around the ball in shooting drills. This is a bad habit because you can't do it in a game. Damian James never does this.

7) I'm calling it right now. Damian James stays and Clint Chapman has a one way ticket back to Oar A GON (in your Pacino Scent of a Woman voice Whoo Ah)

8 ) More than Doge Balbay running the point, we have to run three guards because there is absolutely no room in the interior when we go with a big front line.

9) Connor Atchley welcome to Horns Basketball 2009.

10) I think Barnes got these guys hypnotized before the game.

11) When you are in a horrendous shooting slump, this game will happen. 57% from the field, 47% from three, 84% from the line. We were above 60% from the field and 50% from three with the starters in. If we can score 75 points against Colorado, we are back. Because of pace, we will have to be exceptional to get there.

12) I am going to do this. Eddie Oran boozingly opined in the post game, "They went out and executed the simple plays tonight," in Barney from The Simpson's voice. We were fighting everything before. Everyone let the game come to them tonight. This is the last Eddie Oran commentary that will grace this space.

13) Sunshine pumper alert: In three of the worst played games I have seen in the Rick Barnes Era, we lost by a combined 11 points in the middle of a horrendous shooting slump where the other team got every conceivable break and hit ridiculous 25 footers down the stretch. We aren't as bad as we thought.

14) Byron "The Barrell" Eaton is completing his 9th year of eligibility. Even J.J. Joe is impressed.