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Around The Big 12 Blogosphere


KU expert Hiphopopotamus gives us his Big 12 Basketball Power Rankings. I have no arguments and I admire his delusional optimism in ranking us ahead of a blistering hot KSU squad.


Our friends at Spence Park Soapbox are writing material well beyond the typical blog fodder.

The Mayor wrote a brilliant little piece on attrition and new coaching staffs and its Machiavellian underpinnings. Machiavelli understood the Goodson Corollary, which states that some players are simply uncoachable ne'er-do-wells that must be publically destroyed for the good of the state. One of Sherman's early mistakes was mentioning Goodson as his bell cow and the focus of his offense (and thus a de facto team leader) before really understanding that Goodson is a turd of the highest order. Von Miller cracking Goodson in his gold tooth was nothing less than God's work.

If only he grasped team concepts as aggressively as a OSU hostesses' breasts

The Aggies also muse over A&M's future pipeline. Et tee yew Brute?

Some observations:

- 59 of their scholarship players are sophomores or freshmen. That's the youth demography of Pakistan

- (tu) should be auto-saved into their spreadsheet for efficiency purposes, as it will be placed next to their top targets over the next six months

- I've already referenced the fact that the elite talent in the state inordinately rests in DFW this year and that's never a good thing for the Aggies. They need to win some knockdown drag-outs with LSU and Arkansas for Houston and East Texas kids


I found atlantasooner's Recruiting Wrap-Up wildly optimistic in some areas and I don't think he calls out marginal recruits as aggressively as we do, but I appreciate a different point of view. My short take is this: very nice defensive class for OU, very average offensive group. When your H-backs are your best graded offensive unit, some perspective is in order.

Jackie Shipp may go to the NFL. This less than two weeks after Jamarkus McFiction signs his letter of intent, citing Shipp as the primary reason for going to OU. This may just be an aggressive salary play by Shipp (which may even have Bob's sanction to get him a raise) but his leaving would be tremendously amusing. It won't be funny if they hire Jim Jeffcoat to replace him though.

Texas Tech

dedfischer reports how the Sand Aggies are keeping Bobby Petrino out of West Texas.


Finally, Atomic Teeth ponders Missouri's head basketball coach Mike Anderson's interest in the Alabama job. I don't see it - Missouri has a legitimate basketball history. Coaching basketball at Alabama is like coaching football at Indiana - what's the appeal?